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EARSEC synthetic aperture radar (SAR) development

The Commission of the European Communities, Joint Research Centre, issues notice of three restricted calls for tenders concerning prototype synthetic aperture radio systems for the EARSEC joint Community/European Space Agency project. EARSEC aims at establishing a pool of resources to support remote sensing airborn campaigns in Europe, using advanced sensors. In the frame of this project, the JRC seeks proposals on the development of each of the following:

- A prototype SAR postprocessing chain accepting as input the single look complex scattering matrix data from the SAR correlator and produce a number of products for the end user, in the form of digital data and photographic quality hard copies. Typical processing modules will include polarimetric and radiometric calibration, georeferencing and geocoding, multilook averaging, and image polarimetric synthesis. The prototype will comprise a hardware platform (Sun Sparc), peripherals, system software, and postprocessing modules.

- A prototype SAR geophysical processor to derive geophysical characteristics from the multilook fully polarimetric data sets generated by the postprocessing chain. Typical processing modules will include speckle filtering, segmentation, classification, and mosaicking. Some of the algorithms for the processing modules will be provided by the JRC. The prototype will include a hardware platform (Sun Spark), peripherals, system software and processing modules.

- A prototype SAR processor acting as test bed for the operational processors in the network, able to meet the performance goal to be specified for the operational phase, taking into account the relevant number of scenes per day required during this phase. The SAR processor software must be tightly coupled to the sensor, and pass a validation suite before acceptance to test its compliance to the required performance. The operating system must be a Unix version compliant with Posix.

In each case, the technical specifications of all components of the prototype will be given in the ensuing call for tender.

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