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Technical assistance relating to cross-border EURES partnerships

The European Commission, DG V, has published an invitation to tender concerning technical assistance in relation to cross-border EURES partnerships.

The cross-border EURES partnerships are developing a project focused on specific regions experiencing major flows of cross-border workers and forming transnational employment areas or experiencing major interpenetration of regional economies. Voluntary partnerships are involved (comprising public employment services, trade union and employers' organizations, local or regional authorities and others), created on the basis of three-year framework agreements, which may be renewed.

The cross-border EURES field of activity involves four tasks:
- 1) Circulation of job offers and applications among the border regions concerned;
- 2) Information on living and working conditions;
- 3) Making an inventory of vocational training opportunities and circulating them to the public;
- 4) Setting up a dialogue and consultation framework among economic and social partners in the employment field.

Cross-border EURES are placed under the responsibility of steering committees (composed of the above-mentioned regional partners) which approve annual activity plans, make budget decisions and ensure the general coherence of the partnership. The steering committee will appoint a coordinator to assist in the preparation of its meetings, ensuring the smooth running of the partnership, and the implementation of the activity plan.

This contract involves technical assistance to the European Bureau of Coordination (BEC), in the European Commission's DG V, for coordinating cross-border EURES partners. The technical assistance shall comprise the performance of the following tasks, in particular:

- Assistance with preparing and running regular cross-border EURES coordinator meetings (approximately four meetings per year, two in Brussels and two in the regions covered by the partnerships);
- Assistance with drawing up and updating work documents and various reports on the cross-border EURES activity (for instance 'The cross-border EURES guide', the brochure on cross-border EURES, the 'Cross-border EURES conceptual framework', etc.);
- Assistance with the analysis, comparison and synthetic presentation of reports, forms or other documents from cross-border EURES, especially on obstructions to mobility;
- Organization, running, participation and/or chairmanship of work groups and seminars on the different subjects.

This technical assistance contract will be concluded for a one-year period, and may be renewed for a further two years.
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