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Technical and scientific support for de-mining activities

The European Commission, DG III, has published an invitation to tender for the selection of appropriate research bodies and centres, universities and undertakings for the provision of services supporting the high performance computing and networking (HPCN) activities of the ESPRIT programme, in the field of humanitarian de-mining technologies.

The services requested are divided into the following six lots:

- Lot 1: exploitation of anti-personnel landmine (APL) signatures for R&D in humanitarian de-mining;
- Lot 2: study of generic mine-like objects for R&D in systems for humanitarian de-mining;
- Lot 3: study on the state-of-the-art in the EU in relation to humanitarian de-mining technology, products and practice;
- Lot 4: field study on the potential exploitation of information technology in humanitarian de-mining operations;
- Lot 5: testing of equipment or fieldable prototypes for humanitarian de-mining;
- Lot 6: technology transfer in high performance computing and networking in the Mediterranean countries.

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