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Organizations for support in the dissemination and optimization of R&D results

The European Commission, DG XIII, has published an invitation to tender for the selection of research bodies and centres to support the European Commission in the dissemination and optimization of R&D results. This work will be supported within the structure of the INNOVATION programme.

The R&D results concerned are those produced by projects funded under the EU's Fourth RTD Framework Programme. The Commission foresees the provision of scientific and technical services to enable the validation, adaptation and transfer of research results and technologies whose intellectual property rights belong to the Community.

The services provided under this call for tender will contribute to innovation and promotion of methods, techniques and instruments needed to overcome the barriers hindering the exploitation of results and technology transfer in certain strategic activity sectors.

The invitation to tender is divided into the following lots:

- Lot 101: development of an industrial prototype of a miniaturized fibre-optic sensor element fabricated by a fusion process, to include testing, and comparison to commercially available sensors;
- Lot 102: development and testing of prototype industrial components for brake linings in a new ceramic matrix composite material;
- Lot 103: design and build an alpha-tight and shielded cell for automated production of alpha-immunoconjugates in hospitals and development and testing of an integrated robot and automated equipment;
- Lot 105: test and demonstration for a remote-controlled multiple channel thermal surveillance system;
- Lot 106: testing on a bench scale reactor and on an industrial batch reactor of the AWARE (Advanced Warning Against Runaway Events) prototype;
- Lot 107: prototyping and testing of endoscopic fluorescence systems for the in-vivo diagnostic of pancreatitis;
- Lot 108: testing, tuning and re-engineering software of an interactive advanced modelling tool (GAS);
- Lot 109: testing and demonstration of a GIS-based telematics publication platform (TPP) in the domain of sustainable development of water resources (AcquqWeb);
- Lot 110: extension and demonstration of GENERIS on a robotics workcell prototype;
- Lot 111: validation and demonstration of outstanding quality of waste drum standards;
- Lot 112: product engineering, positioning and packaging of a software package for civil protection, emergency planning and management (EPMS);
- Lot 113: implement a safe irradiation of a significant amount of 226 Ra by a proton beam in a cyclotron in order to produce 225 Ac;
- Lot 114: creation and validation of an Internet-based modelling system for preventing and managing major industrial accidents(WHAZ);
- Lot 115: prototyping of a large area plasma industrial reactor (LAPIR);
- Lot 116: engineering of the prototype for the preparation of a new type of uranium certified reference filaments for isotopic mass spectrometry;
- Lot 117: testing and demonstration of a high-speed level sensor;
- Lot 118: integration and packaging of a windows toolset for system and software reliability analysis;
- Lot 119: design and testing of an interferometric pressure sensor;
- Lot 120: industrialization of FEM advanced software for large-scale fluid-structure transient dynamic applications;
- Lot 121: validation and dissemination of the use of a new European definition of TVOC (Total volatile organic compounds) measurement method for indoor air pollution;
- Lot 122: acquisition of raw NMR data for the realization of a protocol and a user-friendly software package able to determine chemicals parameters, as a support to pharmaceutical industries;
- Lot 123: validation, for a specific cancer type, of the potential of alpha-therapy for solid tumours using peptides in a direct targeting approach;
- Lot 124: integration, demonstration and marketing of a software for uncertainty and sensitivity analysis (PREP/SPOP);
- Lot 125: detailed design, construction and commissioning of a test unit of a low to medium velocity high-temperature erosion-corrosion test rig;
- Lot 126: development, testing and documentation of new interfaces of software for shading and solar energy evaluations(Shadowpack);
- Lot 127: prototyping and testing of an endoscopic NDT inspection tool using laser illumination;
- Lot 128: validation, for a specific cancer type, of the potential of two-step alphaimmunotherapy using pretargeting techniques;
- Lot 129: engineering of a prototype of an electrodynamic fragmentation device for the production of reference materials;
- Lot 130: testing and field demonstration of a bar transducer of seismic waves provoked by earthquake, mining and hydrogeological instabilities (BATRANSWA);
- Lot 131: assessment of technology scanning practices for SMEs;
- Lot 132: analysis of intellectual property rights which result from publicly-funded research and development activities;
- Lot 133: development of an updated prototyping of a multi-wavelength pyrometer.

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