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Commission seeks series of studies on safety of nuclear processing plants

The European Commission, DG XI, has published a series of invitations to tender relating to the safety of nuclear power plants in both Eastern and Western Europe.

The first project (REF: XI/C2/ETU/980081) will examine the effects of the environment on fatigue and stress corrosion in codes and standards for LWR components. This will aim to provide a European approach for the development of assessment/reference lines in codes and standards for cracking in nuclear reactor plant materials in high temperature water environments representing operational PWR, BWR and VVER. The project, which will require close cooperation between Eastern and Western experts, shall include identification collection and evaluation of available data on corrosion fatigue endurance, corrosion fatigue crack growth and stress corrosion cracking processes for low-alloy steels and stainless steels.

The second (REF: XI/C2/ETU/980082) will be devoted to the identification of technical similarities and to analyse discrepancies between Eastern and Western codes and standards applicable to the structural integrity of safety related components of Light Water Reactors (LWRs) and VVERs. This will cover design rules, criteria, failure modes, safety factors and general provisions of nuclear industrial codes and the material activities supporting these, as well as manufacturing standards and ISI and recommendations and conclusions relevant for pre-harmonisation of codes and standards.

A third project (REF: XI/C2/ETU/980083) will involve a survey on pre-harmonisation of repair and replacement practices for safety-related components of Eastern VVERs and Western LWRs. The project shall focus on current practices in the EU and Eastern European countries and should aim to reach a consensus on the methodology for approximation of codes and standards in those countries. The tasks to be developed include an identification of the current status of codes and standards, an analysis of weld repair and procedures for operating components, as well as an analysis of replacement procedures and practices for operating components.


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