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Measuring urban structures and changes in land-use

The Centre for Earth Observation (CEO) programme of the European Commission aims at increasing the use of satellite Earth Observation data in the frame of the implementation and monitoring of the EC policies and legislation. The project on monitoring urban dynamics (MURBANDY), initiated by the CEO programme, is a contribution to the understanding and analysis of past, present and future trends of the European landscape and territory in support of regional development policies.

MURBANDY concerns the measurement of the urban structures of European cities and the changes in land-use that have occurred during the past 40 years, both in the urban landscapes and in surrounding rural landscapes. It will also evaluate the impact that urban areas have on the environment and produce scenarios for the future development of urban regions in a sustainable Europe. An initial set of European cities is currently under examination. It is now intended to extend the set to other cities and areas in Europe.

In order to extend the scope of the project, the European Commission's Joint Research Centre has published invitations to tender for the development of land-use databases for the following areas:

- RGC 30/98: the Helsinki area (with option Tallinn);
- RGC 31/98: the Newcastle area;
- RGC 32/98: the Ruhr area;
- RGC 33/98: the Algarve area;
- RGC 34/98: the Prague area;
- RGC 35/98: the Vienna area (with option Bratislava);
- RGC 36/98: one European area to be proposed by the bidder.
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