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Daidalos II, high-tech truckers in Heidelberg and Helsinki

EU project Daidalos II demonstrates in a truck research results on mobile communication at the WWRF Meeting in Heidelberg and the IST Event in Helsinki.

At the WWRF Meeting in Heidelberg on 15-17 November and the IST 2006 Event in Helsinki on 21-23 November, EU project Daidalos II will present its results in a rather unusual way – in a truck. This is not an ordinary truck, but a fully networked mobile laboratory on wheels, which demonstrates the latest advances in mobile communication and network architecture. The project exhibition in the truck is based on an automotive scenario of the five key concepts, comprising the multiple usage of different technologies like 802.3 802.11 and DVB-T in a pervasive networking environment. This includes session mobility, service adaptation personalization concepts, and context management. The underlying network infrastructure is dealt within the IST project Daidalos II. The central challenge for the project is to develop an architecture of a system beyond third generation mobile networks, which integrates various network technologies, including broadcast. The demo comprises the visualization of the project’s five key concepts: - MARQS: Mobility management, AAA (Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting), Resource management, QoS and Security - USP: Ubiquitous and Seamless pervasiveness - SIB: Seamless Integration of Broadcast - VID: Virtual Identities - Federation The central innovation by Daidalos II is an architecture, which allows the integration of the five key concepts, supporting all the requirements of a commercial operation service provider.


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