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LEONARDO DA VINCI - 1999 call for proposals

The European Commission, DG XXII, has published a call for proposals within the framework of the 'LEONARDO DA VINCI' programme. The current call for proposals is restricted to pilot projects and placement and exchange programmes. This is the final call for proposals in connection with the LEONARDO DA VINCI programme and therefore it mainly focuses on dissemination and transferring the results of previously developed projects. This focus will also be reflected in the allocation of the available financial resources for 1999.

The objective of the LEONARDO DA VINCI programme is to promote new approaches to vocational training policies and practices. The 1999 call for proposals maintains the five strategic priorities of the previous call:

- The acquisition of new skills;
- Forging closer links between educational or training establishments and enterprises;
- Combating exclusion;
- Promoting investment in human resources;
- Promoting access to skill and promoting the development of vocational skills through the Information Society in the context of lifelong learning.

Particular emphasis is placed on pilot projects where the results can be developed and tested through transnational placement and exchange programmes; and vice-versa, on transnational placements and exchange programmes which develop and validate the results of pilot projects.

The LEONARDO DA VINCI programme is open to the Member States of the EU and the countries of the European Economic Area. Following a decision of the Association Councils concerning the 1999 LEONARDO DA VINCI programme, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Poland the Slovak Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Cyprus, are also invited to submit proposals. However, there are restrictions listed on the amendment to the application form that have to be respected.

The current call for proposals is restricted to a number of action strands. These are pilot projects (Strand I.1.1, II.1.1 and III.1.a) and placement and exchange programmes (Strands I.1.2, II.1.2, III.1.b).

Proposals will be evaluated by taking different conditions into account. Proposals must:

- specify how they will improve existing training methodologies, content, practices and tools - show how the transnational partnership will strengthening the employability and adaptability of workers
- show how the results will be transferred to other potential training actors
- show how they actively involve partners representing different types of organisation involved in vocational training
- show the financial breakdown of the activities to be carried out.

Information and contact days on the 1999 call will be organised in Brussels on 18 and 19 January 1999. Interested potential promoters should contact their national co-ordination unit and/or the LEONARDO DA VINCI Technical Assistance Office in Brussels for any additional information and to indicate their interest in attending.

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