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Development of the Information Services Market: Geographical information systems

The Commission of the European Communities invites proposals, in the context of the programme for the establishment of an internal information services market (IMPACT 2), concerning definition phase projects for new electronic information services based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.

For the purposes of the call: GIS is a technology for digital processing, spatial analysis and presentation of information which is associated with a position on the earth; an electronic information service is information provided in an appropriately processed digital form to third parties against payment; the delivery media for the services can be optical or magnetic digital disks, incorporated into portable or stationary devices or be provided by telecommunications channels.

The Community's financial contribution will be on a shared-cost basis. Projects will comprise a definition phase of up to six months followed (after further selection of projects successfully completing their definition phase) by an implementation phase of up to 18 months. The present call is for definition phase projects only.

Proposals must involve at least two independent organizations from different Member States.

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