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New brochure of the NILE (New Improvements for Ligno-cellulosic Ethanol) project is out now: FURTHER ADVANCES IN LIGNOCELLULOSIC ETHANOL

Contributed by: EUREC Agency

For the last 4½ years, researchers at 20 different laboratories across Europe have worked to bring biochemical ethanol production from lignocellulosic sources to pilot-scale.
The project has now come to a close. Commenting on the results, the co-ordinator, Dr Frédéric Monot of IFP, said, "Among the highlights were the efficient conversion of hexoses and pentoses present in the raw materials into ethanol using novel engineered yeast strains and an adapted fermentation strategy and the improvement of the enzymatic cocktail responsible for the hydrolysis of the lignocellulosic biomass into sugars. The pilot trials were another important component of the project, showing that the combined process can run reliably in plants at that scale.

Let’s not forget either our work on assessing the quality of the lignin by-product, on modelling the economic viability of large scale lignocellulosic ethanol production and its greenhouse gas impacts and finally on comparing ethanol blends and gasoline in vehicle engines."

Dr Monot continued, "There were also challenges: the production of high amounts of new enzymes on time for pilot tests, the availability of the latest versions of yeasts strains and the sensitivity of the performance of the overall process on pretreatment."

The first brochure, published in January 2008, reported results from the first two years of the project and the latest edition covers the remaining period to 2010 over 20 accessible, illustrated pages.




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