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DG III looks for services within the capital goods industry

The European Commission, DG III, has published advanced information regarding a coming invitation to tender for a number of service contracts - mainly different studies that have to be carried out within the capital goods industries.

DG III, Directorate for Industrial Affairs - Capital Goods industries, will look for the following services:

- Conference to promote regional awareness of maritime R&D together with pre-accession countries; International Maritime Forum South-East and Black Sea, GR-Kavala: 100,000 euro;
- Pilot study on benchmarking in the field of construction industry; definition, domains, essential characteristics of the competitiveness: 100,000 euro;
- Study on the regulatory situation on fasteners and competitive situation for European industry: 50,000 euro;
- Study on the state of functioning of the Internal Market in the mechanical sector, in particular in the Machinery Directive: 50,000 euro;
- Study to perform an international benchmarking for the drop-forging industry: 100,000 euro;
- Study "Perspectives of electronic commerce applications in the shipbuilding industry": 150,000 euro;
- Recreational craft: Situation of the concrete application of the Community provisions; positive and negative effects; technological and practical development of the use and manufacture of these boats: 50,000 euro;
- Study on the follow-up of the communication "The European aerospace industry meeting the global challenge": Restructuring and accompanying measures: 130,000 euro;
- Study on the evaluation of the role of new technologies, especially of the information society with regard to the competitiveness of the rail transport: 120,000 euro;
- Study to perform an assessment of the competitiveness situation of the EU electrical engineering sector: 180,000 euro;
- Study in the field of defence industries - Implementation of the action plan: best practices in relation to a) the efficiency of the supply chain and b) procurement practices: 180,000 euro;
- Study on the situation of the shipbuilding sector in countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovakia) to obtain detailed information on shipbuilding activities in the sector, namely on the construction of seagoing commercial vessels: 60,000 euro;
- Collection and publication of aggregate statistics of all maritime industries: 200,000 euro;
- Study on benchmarking specific to shipbuilding: 200,000 euro;
- Study on the elaboration of the necessary prescriptions for a better functioning of the Internal Market in the field of rail urban transport: 100,000 euro;
- Technical assistance for dissemination of information and visibility actions concerning MIF (Maritime Industries Forum) and MTF (Maritime Task Force): 85,000 euro;
- Technical assistance in the preparation of PECAAs: 50,000 euro;
- Technical assistance on the diffusion on Internet of comments on Directive 98/37/EC relative to machinery: 50,000 euro;
- Technical assistance for improving the functioning of Internal Market and consumers'/users' protection by controlling safeguard actions taken by Member States against products under harmonized legislation: 50,000 euro;
- Technical secretariat of notified bodies - Directive 96/48/EC on the interoperability trans-European high-speed rail system: 50,000 euro;
- Technical assistance in the electrotechnical sector (EMC, Low-Voltage and ATEX Directives): 50,000 euro.
- Technical assistance on the assessment of legislations and structures of applicant countries: 50,000 euro;
- Technical assistance for co-ordinating the certification bodies charged with the implementation of the directive on metrology: 35,000 euro;
- Technical assistance in the medical domain: Global Harmonization Task Force: 60,000 euro;
- Technical assistance for safeguard clauses in the mechanical sector: 50,000 euro;
- Preparation of information material in view of the application of mutual recognition agreements in the electrotechnical sector: 50,000 euro;
- Six specific projects for studies and/or other technical assistance with respect to analysis of new developments, existing strategies, key issues, facts and figures, pilot actions, business requirements and/or cost-effectiveness issues in the field of industrial affairs, especially capital goods industries (may be launched together or separately) - total estimated budget: 950,000 euro.

The estimated date for initiating the award procedures will be between February and August 1999.

This prior information notice is only indicative. The title, the description of the service as well as the amount of the estimated budget and/or the estimated date for initiating the award procedure may be subject to changes.
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