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Pre-information foresees ICT industries call

The European Commission, DG III, has issued pre-information regarding a call for survey services and engineering studies for basic and ICT (information and communication technologies) industries.

DG III is looking for the following services and surveys to be carried out (estimated budget of the service in brackets):

- Study on the analysis of the competitiveness of the telecommunications industry and the impact of the Radio-TTE Directive: 146,000 euro;
- Analysis of specific topics related to the information technology industry sector and its competitiveness, as a follow-up of the IT Round Table: 50,000 euro;
- Survey on industrial cooperation for ICT in enlargement countries: 60,000 euro;
- Analysis of the impact of Information Society applications at home (including electronic commerce) on the IT consumer market and industries. Focus on Europe (with comparisons world-wide): 100,000 euro;
- Analysis of the state of the F-BI (mechanical woodworking - pulp, paper and board production and converting, printing and publishing) in CEEC in view of enlargement: 300,000 euro:
- Analysis of the carbon sequestration and storage effect of the F-BI in the framework of the climate change - Kyoto Protocol: 100,000 euro:
- Analysis of parts of the enlargement framework with respect to the structure and legislation directly affecting the Turkish chemical sector: 50,000 euro:
- Comprehensive analysis of actual and potential chemical substances used as precursors in the manufacture of synthetic drugs in the context of a possible modification of the legislation on precursors: 85,000 euro;
- Access to sources of information, constantly updated, on the changes and progress of the IT industries, including the multimedia sector: 60,000 euro;
- Assessment and analysis of the prerequisites for industrial cooperation, such as joint ventures between the EU and steel companies in the area of PCAs and Europe agreements with Central and Eastern European countries: 50,000 euro;
- International conference on the basis of the communication on the forest-based industries: 100,000 euro;
- Publication in the second half of 1999 of the executive summaries of the four SWOT studies: 50,000 euro;
- Analysis of specific topics and problems related to the recycling industry sector and its competitiveness, as a follow-up of the recycling forum (several studies may be launched as one package) total: 90,000 euro;
- Eight specific projects for studies and/or other technical assistance with respect to analysis of new developments, existing strategies, key issues, facts, figures, pilot actions, business requirements, competitiveness problems and/or cost-effectiveness issues in the field of the steel industry, information and communications-technology industries, raw materials, advanced materials, cement, glass, ceramics, chemicals, plastics, rubber, wood and paper (may be launched together or separately) - total estimated budget: 350,000 euro.

Estimated date for initiating the award procedures is between February and August 1999.

This prior information notice is only indicative. The title, the description of the service, the amount of the estimated budget and/or the estimated date for initiating the award may be subject to changes.
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