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Commission wants study on the state of youth

The European Commission, DG XXII, for Education, Training and Youth, has published advanced information on an invitation to tender for a study to be conducted on the state of youth and youth policy in Europe.

The European Parliament, as well as the Council, has frequently invited the Commission to produce regular reports on youth and youth policy in the European Union countries.

Moreover, these have inspired actions and programmes with respect to cooperation in the youth field for more than ten years: priority actions, youth programmes for Europe, of which the third phase covers the 1995-1999 period, followed by the European Voluntary Service Programme.

Over this period, the array of devices and measures which have been developed has undergone profound transformation in different ways depending on the country, because of social, economic, cultural or technological evolution and also the Community initiatives with respect to youth and policies developed in this sector at national level, the youth situation, the conditions and difficulties they face in integrating into society, their form of participation as citizens.

In this context, the Commission intends to finance a study which shall produce an extensive overview of the situation these changes have led to:

- Statistical studies;
- Societal aspects;
- Youth information;
- Form and means of integration;
- The process of marginalization;
- Youth policies and structures;
- The economic dimension of the youth sector.

This overview may be formed through the analysis of opinion polls and entails very important work involving documentary analysis. For each country, the study shall yield a snapshot of the youth and youth policies at the end of the twentieth century.

An important aspect of this study will consist of the development of a precise methodological framework so that similar works may be repeated later, particularly in associated countries.

This study will also examine to what extent the orientations and resources implemented with respect to youth policy are suited to the situation, difficulties and youth expectations, which will have already been identified. This examination will be made by integrating the dimension which cuts across both sectors and youth policy.

The estimated date for initiating the award procedures is by the end of April/beginning of May 1999.
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