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Issue 53 of the research*eu results magazine - Exoplanets: The hope of life beyond Earth

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Issue 53 of the research*eu results magazine - Exoplanets: The hope of life beyond Earth
Much work is still needed to better understand the dynamics of exoplanets, identify which ones can definitely sustain life and, in a hypothetical and very distant future, be worth the journey from Earth.

By observing alien planets, Kepler and other space telescopes have challenged our ideas of how planets form and evolve. Giant planets the size of Jupiter orbiting their stars very closely or having a highly eccentric orbit were found, and current theories cannot explain how this happened. This is just an example in a long list of brainteasing observations.

Meanwhile, the quest to find the closest thing to an Earth-like planet is keeping space researchers busy. So far 21 rocky, potentially habitable planets have been confirmed from Kepler’s data. But as it takes more than a rocky ground and a decent amount of light and heat to create life, additional efforts are needed to study the atmosphere of these planets or verify the presence of liquid water on their surface.

This month’s research*eu results magazine focuses on EU-funded exoplanet research projects that hope to lift the veil on the mysteries of planet formation or provide more detailed information on their potential habitality.

Other topics in this edition include the following highlights:

- Positive diagnosis for neural therapeutic implants
- Fresh thinking needed to tackle ‘crimmigration’
- European railways benefit from innovative platform for simulating and evaluating on-board positioning systems
- Cities given platform to achieve energy efficiency
- Novel 5G intervehicular system promises improved road safety
- New platform provides SME access to simulation technologies
- High tech kits promise rapid, effective emergency relief
- Satellite remote sensing for monitoring species diversity

The research*eu results magazine is the main source of information for all findings related to EU-funded science projects. It covers a large spectrum of topics including biology and medicine, environment, energy, transport, ICT, industrial technologies, social sciences and space. It is published 10 times per year in English.

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Source: Based on information from the research*eu results magazine n°53

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