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DIATOMIC launches a pan-European one-stop shop to facilitate microelectronics-based innovation in health, agrifood and manufacturing

DIATOMIC, a Europe-wide, EC-backed network of Digital Innovation Hubs in the fields of health, agrifood and manufacturing announces its one-stop shop to help SMEs/midcaps fast-track their advanced microelectronics solutions to the market.

If you’re an SME or a midcap currently building devices or systems using microelectronics, or whether you’re a competence centre and are interested in working with industry-leading innovators, DIATOMIC one-stop shop has got you covered. Get help with your microelectronics solutions – from experimentation and prototyping to full-scale commercial deployment – with DIATOMIC one-stop shop. DIATOMIC one-stop shop is designed to address the key challenges many SMEs/midcaps have identified in crossing the “Valley of Death” – the in-between space often experienced when bringing disruptive microelectronics-based technologies to a critical mass of customers. First, it aims to assist companies with low technological maturity from the fields of health, agrifood, manufacturing to link with counterparts who possess the right resources to design, develop and prepare their solutions for the market. Further, at the heart of the one-stop shop are three sector-specific Digital Innovation Hubs through which microelectronic SMEs and midcap companies can look for expertise and support across a range of needs, both technological and business related. This includes cutting-edge infrastructure, tailored business training services, cross-border brokerage with competence centres, and more. Commenting on the launch, Dr Raimund Bröchler (INTRASOFT Intl), DIATOMIC coordinator said, “The core idea behind DIATOMIC one-stop shop is quite simple: technology adopters, tech providers, and competence centres should matchmake their interests to form small consortia for Application Experiments based on varying technological competencies and business needs. This will allow them to gain access over the required resources, so that they can be allocated efficiently in an immediate response to market signals.” How DIATOMIC one-stop shop works “Our goal with the one-stop shop is to bridge the gap between research and microelectronics innovation,” comments Dr Bröchler, adding that “DIATOMIC goes one step further in enabling collaborations between industry-leading innovators and in overcoming the challenges that may appear along the way – in terms of technology, funding and business support”. The platform is open for multidisciplinary competence centres, to enable them to quickly seize upon microelectronics-based innovations in health, agrifood and manufacturing to create new business opportunities. In this regard, the platform acts as a hub through which they can offer their resources/facilities to SMEs and midcaps for design, development, prototyping. This is to enable brokerage between competence centres and SMEs/midcaps. Moreover, by signing up to the platform, SMEs/midcaps can also benefit from getting access to tech platforms brought in by DIATOMIC Digital Innovation Hubs as well as needs-based business support. About DIATOMIC DIATOMIC will launch two open calls for consortium Application Experiments to pull disruptive solutions from health, agrifood and manufacturing sectors exploiting advanced microelectronics and smart systems integration. Following the selection process, between 15 and 43 high-quality market-driven Application Experiments will be funded. Applicant consortia will consist of namely tech-providers, tech adopters and Competence Centres. The three-year project is a part of the Horizon 2020 initiative Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE), and brings together technological research centres (Fraunhofer IPA, Instituto Pedro Nunes and BioSense), competence centres (INTRASOFT Intl, Libellium and Synelixis), innovation consulting (InoSens), SMEs community (F6S) and investors (FastTrack). This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 761809.


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