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Energy efficiency in building renovations – laser scanning supported planning

Contributed by: Geonardo Ltd.

Energy efficiency and retrofitting of residential buildings has several approaches (deep retrofitting, envelope renovations etc.) and thus methods to be used are different during the assessment and planning. In most circumstances the geometry of the building to be renovated is essential. 3D geometrical and architectural assessments of existing buildings serve the planning and manufacturing processes in order to support the renovation processes.
Energy efficiency in building renovations – laser scanning supported planning
The PROCEED project (, supported by the EU’s Eurostars programme (contract No. E9429) and by the Hungarian government through the National Research, Development and Innovation Office (contract code NEMZ_15-2016-1-0014), has pushed 3D data collection and analysis as well as a specific precast panel manufacturing process to new frontiers with high automatisation potential and flexible concrete panel cast production.

The Project
During the 2-year contracted research project work, STAM s.r.l. ( and Geonardo Ltd. ( jointly developed services on reconfigurable moulding processes and 3D point cloud data processing, respectively. Industrial technologies related to Ultra High Performance Concrete materials and precast panel shape generation via the reconfigurable moulding process has been advanced by STAM to be able to demonstrate precast panel moulding for the solid shapes of multiple reflexion points of a plane enabling custom-shaped panel manufacturing.

Tied to the above described manufacturing process, Geonardo has developed an automatic point cloud processing method and software that is able to manage and detect large volumes of 3D laser scanning data (of building façades) and convert the raw point cloud into CAD geometries, also on complex façade geometries. The software is able to handle and detect surfaces, calculate an optimal distribution of insulating panel elements and it is able to produce CAD geometries as inputs to the flexible moulding hardware system.

The Results
The research and innovation goals of the project have been achieved by STAM as delivering an enhanced Reconfigurable Tool, able to produce in real time the required geometries to manufacture the envelope insulating panels. The development of manufacturing processes to manufacture the modular façade elements, made of innovative materials, is based on Ultra High Performance Concrete. Geonardo utilised the 3D laser scanner data to provide the best pattern of different panels for retrofitting application. The software for retrofit design of building envelope was tested and it can be applied to enhance energy efficiency measures through the design of insulating panel geometries (3D shapes), which can be easily generated by the Reconfigurable Tool eventually.



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