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A new look at the queen care process, while the queen is situated inside sealed queen cell.

Contributed by: individual recearcer

Experiments with bees in the spring of 2018 brought new unexpected results. We found the ability to control the sensation of loss of the queen by the bees and the beginning of laying of new queen cells using open brood, but most unexpected was the possibility to fixate and control the care and communication of the bees with the queen, when the queen cells were already sealed.
A new look at the  queen care process, while the queen is situated inside sealed queen cell.
Our experiment with the division of families gave us an opportunity to observe the signals of bees, caring for the brood, and queen cells, in the absence of the queen in the family.

The results of observations showed that while the brood and queen cells are open, the signal is strong and has a significant power, exceeding the power of the brood care signals in a normal family with a fetal queen. Apparently, the reason for this is a large number of open queen cells, which require special care.

Further observations showed that despite the fact that in a week almost all the brood and queen cells were sealed, and it seemed that the need for the care of them had disappeared, the bees continued to heat them and issue the same signals as when caring for the open brood. At the same time, the power of these signals decreased by about half, which made it possible to assume that they are issued only by bees caring for queen cells.

In addition, we observed a series of vibrational impulses, corresponding to the description of the modulating signals, by the bees on the sealed queen cells. That means that there is a definite connection between the bees and the queens, located inside queen cells.

Continuation of this observation showed that the signals accompanying brood care, which we observed, immediately cease after the exit of the queen from her queen cell. This was especially visible in the family in which the fetal queen was replaced with a capped queen cell. The strength of signals dropped radically and the family moved into working condition, immediately after exit of the young queen.

Thus, we can state that APIVOX AUDITOR is able to control the whole process of maturation of the queen, from building of queen cells by the bees, until exit of the young queen, calming of the family and shifting it to working condition.



    individual recearcer
    San Cugat del Valles (Barcelona)


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