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EFFECT presents its first slideshow on the importance of Future and Emerging Technologies

Contributed by: EEIG

The slideshow is a multimedia product describing the need for disruptive technologies and why high-risk research should be funded
EFFECT presents its first slideshow on the importance of Future and Emerging Technologies
Diseases, energy supply, sustainability, environment protection, more powerful computers. These are just some of the vital challenges faced by our society. The solutions are groundbreaking, high-risk scientific ideas leading to the so-called Future and Emerging Technologies (FET).

The “Our Lives and FET” slideshow is a combination of text, images and videos illustrating the impacts of FET on our society and the need for them to thrive.

It first presents numerous examples of successful applications of FET research on a variety of fields, from health to IT. The slideshow then focuses on the Policy Workshop "European Leadership through Disruptive Technologies: Future and Emerging Technologies towards 2030", which was held on the 7th of March 2018 at the European Parliament in Brussels. The workshops discussed the future funding of the FET from the European Union (EU). Its agenda can be accessed here:

The slideshow also reports the link to the open consultation on the Futurium platform launched to stimulate debate and collect opinions, inputs and ideas on the importance of supporting FET investigation lines. The consultation will remain open until 31 May 2018.

Over the last three decades, the EU has been allocating large funds to FET research. In particular, a dedicated EUR 2.7 billion initiative was launched as part of the Horizon 2020 funding scheme and was targeted to cover FET research from 2014 to 2020. To date, this initiative enabled the financing of 180 FET research projects involving 40 countries in Europe and beyond.

The Policy Workshop took place at a defining moment for the future of EU Research and Innovation policies. It brought together parliamentarians, EU officials, industry experts, scientists and academics to debate on why and how the EU should finance high-risk FET research beyond 2020. The recommendations that emerged from the event were compiled in this report. Video interviews of the speakers regarding this topic are available here:

The "Our Lives and FET" slideshow, the editorial products in it, the Policy Workshop, the open consultation and the video interviews are outcomes of the EU-funded EFFECT project. A rich collection of FET success stories is available on EFFECT’s web platform, whereas further information on the Workshop can be found here:

For more information on the FETFX Project EFFECT please see:




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