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Contributed by: MYSPHERA SL

MYSPHERA, an IoT company specialised in healthcare, has been granted with a unique project to boost the digitalisation of operating rooms. Entitled OR4.0, the initiative is a SME instrument phase 2 project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No [812386].
Hospitals are highly complex organisations, typically with thousands of employees, hundreds of admissions and many operations performed every day in large spread-out areas. They look very much like “micro-cities”. Daily operations in hospitals involve a range of time-consuming and complicated processes (care, logistic, operative, etc.), which must run smoothly to provide (cost-) effective, safe and friendly healthcare assistance to the population.
Surprisingly, the most complex and expensive process in hospitals —the surgical process— is still managed in a rudimentary way, by relying on professionals repeatedly phoning each other to look for available people (i.e. ancillary), find out information and locate essential items in time-demanding situations.
In order to sort out this situation, an important innovation project has now been launched to digitalise the management of the surgical process. Entitled OR4.0, Operating Rooms 4.0, the new system will target the improvement of operating-room performance and the satisfaction of professionals and relatives. This transformation will be based on Real Time Location Technologies (RTLS), which allow the indoor tracking of patients, professionals and important equipment.
OR4.0 will also take operating rooms into the Big Data era, implementing cutting edge use cases by taking the opportunity to exploit the information generated by the patient and the use of RTLS technologies.




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