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Video to introduce the BIOFECTOR project on alternative fertilisation strategies using bioeffectors

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An approach for more viable plant nutrition: European research project seeks to apply bioeffectors to improve the efficiency of alternative fertilisation strategies in Europe
Bioeffectors (BEs) are microorganisms and natural compounds that have the ability to improve growth, nutrient acquisition and stress tolerance of different crops without significant direct inputs of nutrients. BIOFECTOR is an interdisciplinary project, bringing together BE producers, soil microbiologists, plant physiologists and agronomists with the final goal to develop novel approaches for agricultural applications of so-called bioeffectors towards improved utilization of plant mineral nutrients.

Prof Günter Neumann, at the University of Hohenheim is coordinating BIOFECTOR and expects that the right combination of selected BEs and alternative fertilization strategies will reduce the variability of plant responses to BE applications as a major factor still limiting the efficiency of BEs.

Since 1 September 2012, the 21 European Participants in BIOFECTOR are collaborating in 11 work packages in which different pot and plot experiments with tomato, maize and wheat are being carried out. Any promising combinations of selected BEs compatible with appropriate alternative fertilization strategies are tested at the agronomic, economic and ecological level within an International Field-Testing Network, ranging from Northern Ireland to Israel.

The ultimate goal of BIOFECTOR is to take a big step towards the development of more viable plant nutrition strategies in European crop production in face of a use-efficiency of only 20 - 50% for major nutrients frequently observed in conventional fertilization systems based on non-renewable resources.



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