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Communicating Collaboration – Communications Officers have met in Lund

The SINE2020 and brightnESS H2020 projects organised a meeting of communications officers to strengthen collaboration.

Policy making and guidelines

SINE2020 and brightnESS are two new neutron scattering collaborative projects, both with a focus on the construction of the European Spallation Source (ESS), which started in the end of last year. Given that the projects have a number of common partners, we thought it was a good idea to organize a joint meeting with the communication officers of the participating facilities. The meeting was held at the ESS Headquarters in Lund on March 7, and counted with 32 attendees.

The agenda was rather interesting. Participants heard the latest news on the ESS construction, and got to know more about the brightnESS and SINE2020 projects, including the plans for the outreach activities. We also learned that the region where ESS is based is very fruitful in terms of innovation as well as scientific collaborations. Examples of that were the presentations on the “ESS & MAX IV: Cross border science & society” project and the “Nordic Neutron Science Programme”.

Here is an overview of what the meeting offered:

* Welcome and status up-date on ESS, Allen Weeks, ESS
* BrightnESS, Raquel Costa, Ute Gunsenheimer, ESS, and Rikke Nielsen, DTI
* SINE2020 and Inês Crespo, TUM/SINE2020
* ESS & MAX IV: Cross border science & society, María Fernanda Bocángel, Invest in Skåne
* ESS construction site – guided bus tour, Roger Eriksson, ESS
* Nordic Neutron Science Programme – The school-network effort, Kim Lefmann, Uni. Copenhagen
* Communicating for impact, Terry O’Connor, STFC
* Latest trends and developments in digital communication, Benny Gommers, NovaComm

Meetings like this one are very important to strengthen collaboration between communications officers of neutron facilities. Knowing each other better and sharing experiences makes future communications easier when e.g. publications arise from experiments conducted at different facilities. Let’s keep our collaboration going!

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