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CORDIS Summer Photo Gallery competition!

Stuck in your office or lab? Or are you one of the lucky ones, having fun somewhere spectacular! Whether you are holding the fort at work, or enjoying your holiday, share the moment and take part in Summer Photo Gallery competition.


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Send us a photo from your office, lab, home, region or holiday destination, including a copy of either the CORDIS Research*EU magazine or a CORDIS Result packs publication. The publication can be on screen or a print version – digital or paper copy, whatever you have to hand.

We want to see our editorial products in your workplace or where you live and relax, being part of your life, being with you, your colleagues, your family. We encourage you to create an account and subscribe to receive our magazines and Result Packs, but we are looking forward to seeing your photos whether you are subscribed or not. No subscription is needed to share your photos.

How to participate? It couldn’t be easier:
Email your photos (maximum 3 from which one will be selected) to

Please give your name, the project on CORDIS you are a member of - if any. Please provide us with project acronym and the link in CORDIS database , an e-mail address, your nationality and place of residence along with your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook accounts so we can tag you on social media when mentioning your photo.

The 6 best photos will be chosen by the CORDIS team, based on quality, creativity and relevance and, of course, popularity on social media. Winners will receive CORDIS goodies.

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