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Organisational and technical support sought for EEA indicator report

The European Environment Agency (EEA) provides the European Union with information on the environment. It publishes 'State of the Environment' and 'Outlook' reports every few years, and on a more regular basis, indicator-based reports. The first edition of an indicator-based publication will be completed in 1999, and is intended to be the first in an annual series.

The EEA is seeking technical and organisational support for the compilation of the year 2000 edition of the report in the following areas:

- Support to the evaluation process of the first edition by summarising contents received, elaborating proposals for alternative set-ups of the report, and reporting on discussions with stakeholders;
- Support to the development of the list of contents and list of indicators for the 2000 edition, including the analysis of data and information required;
- Preparation of 'indicator fact sheets': compilation, documentation and interpretation of specific socio-economic and environmental indicators required for the report, not covered by existing activities or by the themes of the European topic centres;
- Coordination of the compilation process - to assist in daily contacts with the European topic centres and other consultants responsible for the delivery of data and drafts of chapters;
- Organisation of a review process: to provide support in the organisation of a review of the results by the member countries and other parts of the EEA networks.
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