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Evaluation water interactions and impacts in Managed Aquifer Recharge activities

Contributed by: DESSIN Project

DESSIN Software developed: Mediterranean areas with recurrent and increasing severe water scarcity periods need innovative solutions to face water scarcity problems, such as Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) activities.
MAR is an innovative technique to address and improve both water scarcity and water quality problems. It introduces water surplus in an aquifer to store it. This recharged water can be recovered during high demand periods or used to improve the aquifer water quality. This recharge can be done by injection wells or through infiltration, where the non-saturated zone offers additional water treatment, such as soil aquifer treatment (SAT).

Amphos 21 has developed a software tool to evaluate and assess water interactions when applying a MAR system in a typical coastal deltaic aquifer. It can be used as a decision making tool by non-experts to visualize the real impacts on the present water status if you use MAR technology. Therefore it mainly is directed at water agencies, water utilities and local governments or councils, if they are the responsible of the water management. With this tool they can evaluate, without any cost, the benefits of the technology in a typical coastal area with saline intrusion problems, which helps in making the decision if to purchase the MAR technology.

The software has been developed for a generic but common coastal Mediterranean aquifer type but it can be easily adapted to other similar sites. The tool has been tested and validated in the Llobregat Delta area in Spain.

On the following website you will find different testing scenarios and the results of the model. You also will be able to download the files for running the model on your own computer ( On the DESSIN website, you will find a report for download with further background information about the development and application of this software (



    DESSIN Project

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MAR, Managed Aquifer Recharge, water interactions, evaluation
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