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European Training Network towards a new generation of antibiotics

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Train2Target: An integrated multidisciplinary approach towards a new generation of antibiotics: Targeting function and cross-talk of bacterial envelope protein machineries. Funded under the Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions, Train2Target s a multidisciplinary European Training Network built to address the challenge of the discovery of alternative antimicrobials.
European Training Network towards a new generation of antibiotics
Infectious diseases are still among the top ten causes of death worldwide. The European Commission and health agencies have drawn the attention to Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) as a serious issue and a global threat to public health that impacts tremendously on healthcare expenses and productivity losses.

The most relevant factor accounting for the high incidence of infectious diseases and notably AMR is the spread of strains resistant to multiple drugs (MDR), which is leaving clinicians with very limited options to treat certain infection. This is especially serious for Gram-negative pathogens since they are intrinsically resistant to many antibiotics due to their complex cell envelope. Hence, the bacterial cell envelope has been and still remains one of the best targets for antimicrobials development.

This so-called “antibiotic resistance crisis” has been enhanced by a lack of antibacterials discovery and development programmes.

For a successful antibacterial drug development programme a detailed understanding of envelope structure and biogenesis is required.

The overarching aim of the Train2Target programme is to deliver leads for a new generation of innovative antibacterials to treat infections by multi-drug resistant pathogens. This will be achieved by exploiting the mechanisms that govern the growth of the outer membrane (OM) and a thin peptidoglycan (PG) layers and their coordination to highlight novel targets for antimicrobial discovery.

More particularly, the Train2Target network will train 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) in all scientific and non-scientific aspects related to the drug discovery process, including the following:

• Dissecting at the molecular level the function of the core envelope machineries;
• Investigating how the activities of envelope machineries are orchestrated and coordinated with PG synthetic machineries elongasome and divisome to ensure appropriate growth of the envelope layers during the cell cycle;
• Developing innovative screening strategies/ technologies to identify molecules inhibiting envelope biogenesis.

With the discovery of antibiotics, widespread deadly illnesses and infections could be easily cured. However, today antibiotics are not as effective anymore, because AMR has increased exponentially. Train2Target proposes a novel approach to tackling AMR and delivering new leads based on the high interest and potential of our biotech and pharma partners.

Europe's society and economy urgently require solutions to combat AMR in the long term. With specialised training, curiosity and forward thinking partners, Train2Target is well positioned to promote innovation in antimicrobial research and products.



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