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Flying Boats & Surfing Ships

Contributed by: Superior Hulls Inc

Our discovery-based inventions are related to a new advanced design as well as an add-on product line to boats and ships - with more than 10 beneficial economically rewarding advantages.

In fact, in the maritime industry, seldom can a new discovery or revolutionary invention be offered to all aquatic surface vehicles, as small as boats and as big as ships can be created.
Flying Boats & Surfing Ships
Because of the vast market for this development, we are searching for the needed corporate commercial partner suitable and capable of its protection from reversed engineering, copycats or just IP pirates.

The original study started many years ago, and since 1974 was developed, secured at the USA Patent Office in 1991 but not published, and the company was restructured in 1996 to find the needed proper partner.

We are still leaders in our discovery-based innovative inventions, but the industry is coming in our direction while we are still years ahead even now, where we started originally in 1974 with a 1962 conceptual study.

The inventor was educated as a Marine Engineer, but he saw a flaw he later tested and found a discovery related to the original concept for increasing performance while saving on energy and operational costs. The initial results were tested on a boat, and with standard power it was able to fly and not plow through the water, and additional lifting capability was added, which is not like any existing hulls or lifting foils and any kind of attachment already known - and the most popular hull designs of today can still be improved by this special and simplified invention, which makes it revolutionary as well as the most advanced yet, which is not in use outside of our own prototype test-boat models.

The opportunity is vast, and while we like to create a brand new line of flying boats employing our advanced hull design plus its options, we can also look at adding the product line to existing manufactured boats, vessels, yachts and ships, at the factory, and/or at a boatyard and/or shipyard where existing boats vessels, yachts or ships like to be upgraded to add our developed and market-ready advantage.



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