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The Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development programme launches new calls for proposals

Another round of calls for proposals has begun for the Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (EESD) thematic programme of the European Commission's Fifth RTD Framework Programme. The Commission published two calls on 18 November 1999, under Part A of the programme - (environment and sustainable development). All the information needed to prepare a proposal for these calls is available from the EESD pages on the CORDIS FP5 webservice at:


One of these calls (EESD-ENV-99-ENRICH), relates to ENRICH - the European Network for Research into Global Change - which is described under the 'coordination and horizontal activities; International RTD cooperation' section of the EESD work programme (in Annex II).

A total of 233 million euro will be available for proposals to this call in 2000.

The other call now open (EESD-ENV-99-2), relates to proposals with a fixed deadline (Shared Cost Actions, Thematic Networks and Concerted Actions) and proposals called by a continuous submission scheme.

Part 1 of this has a fixed deadline and covers the following subsections of Key Actions:

- Key Action 1: 'Sustainable management and quality of water':
- - Integrated management and sustainable use of water resources at catchment scale;
- - Treatment and purification technologies;
- -Surveillance, early warning and communication systems;
- - Regulation of stocks and technologies for arid and semi-arid regions and generally water-deficient regions.

- Key Action 2: 'Global change, climate and biodiversity'
- - To understand, detect, assess and predict global change processes;
- - To foster better understanding of terrestrial (including freshwater) and marine ecosystems and their interactions;
- - Scenarios and strategies for responding to global issues;
- - European component of the global observing systems.

- Key Action 3: 'Sustainable marine ecosystems:
- - Improved knowledge of marine processes, ecosystems and interactions;
- - Reducing the anthropogenic impact on biodiversity and the sustainable functioning of marine ecosystems and facilitating the development of safe, economic and sustainable exploitation technologies;
- - Monitoring and managing coastal processes and the coastal zone;
- - Operational forecasting of environmental constraints of offshore activities.

- Key Action 4: 'City of tomorrow and cultural heritage':
- - Sustainable city planning and rational resource management;
- - Protection, conservation and enhancement of European cultural heritage;
- - Development and demonstration of technologies for safe, economic, clean, effective and sustainable preservation, recovery, renovation, construction, dismantling and demolition of the built environment, in particular for large groups of buildings;
- - Comparative assessment and cost effective implementation of strategies for sustainable transport systems in an urban environment.

This part of the call also reopens the following areas of support for research infrastructure, from the first call for proposals:

- Global change, climate and biodiversity research facilities (excluding biodiversity and taxonomy facilities);
- Marine research facilities;
- Natural hazards research facilities (excluding seismic/earthquake facilities).

The second part of the call, operating under a continuous submission scheme, covers the following types of activity:

- RTD activities of a generic nature;
- SME Measures
- - Exploratory Awards;
- - Cooperative Research;
- Training:
- - Individual Fellowships;
- - Host Fellowships;
- Accompanying Measures:
- - Studies;
- - Exchange of information and data;
- - Scientific and technical meetings;
- - Dissemination;
- - Exploitation and communication activities;
-- -Schemes to provide information and assistance for research players;
- - Advanced study courses.

Proposals will be evaluated in batches according to a number of cut off dates.

Information on the rules and on how to prepare and submit proposals is given in Part 1 of the Guide for Proposers (March 1999 version) and Part 2 of the revised version. Information on the SME specific measures is also available from the SMEs helpdesk via CORDIS at:


or, in writing from:

Fax +32-2-2957110

The available budget for Parts 1 and 2 of this call is 233 million euro in 2000. The European Commission will release more information about the finer details of this budget before the call closes.

When submitting proposals for RTD projects, Demonstration projects, Combined projects, or a Concerted Action, proposers may include an application for a 'Bursary for young researchers from developing countries'. Further information on this scheme is given in Part 1 of the guide to proposers (March 1999 version) and the revised version of Part 2.

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