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Carnot - Promoting clean and efficient use of solid fuels

Funds from the European Union's Carnot programme are on offer again, under a call for proposals for actions related to the promotion of the clean and efficient use of energy.

The Carnot programme is intended to promote clean and efficient technologies for plants using solid fuels in order to limit emissions. It is also aimed at encouraging the development of advanced clean solid fuel technologies in order to improve best available technologies (BAT) at affordable cost.

The call seeks proposals under the 'Carnot 2000 guiding principles'. These cover general principles and specific measures.

According to the general principles, Carnot 2000 gives priority to measures fostering industrial strategic cooperation. These measures should be:

- Industry-led and market-oriented, targeting clearly defined products in clearly defined markets;
- Of interest to a significant group (or sector) of the European industry and providing a European image of the technology promoted;
- Aimed at bringing an added value to those undertakings by individual enterprises;
- Target as wide an audience as possible and information should be disseminated by modern communication systems.

The EU, Central and Eastern European countries, CIS (including Russian and Ukrainian), Asian, Chinese and Indian markets will be considered as priorities for 2000:

Proposals from clean coal technology equipment manufacturers in the EU or from trade promotion working groups will be given highest priority.

The specific measures will foster cooperation aimed at promoting better market and technical information. The details of these measures are given in the official call text in the Official Journal of the European Communities at the reference below.

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