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Study on the storage of radioactive waste - corrigendum

The Environment Directorate-General has announced a corrigendum to a call for tenders published in March (OJ S 56 of 21.3.2000), which seeks tenders for a study on the storage of radioactive waste.

According to an announcement in the Official Journal of the European Communities, the deadline for requesting tender documents has been extended to 8 May 2000 and the deadline for submitting tenders is now 22 May 2000.

The budget available for the contract (including fees and all costs, such as translation) has now been estimated at a maximum of 200,000 euro and not 300,000 euro as previously stated in the call text.

In addition to the initial subject, the Environment DG has announced the following text is to be included:

'Subject of the contract: the aim is to set up a workshop at the end of the process to present and analyse the results of the study. A separate estimate of costs will be required for this workshop'.

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