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Current and upcoming calls for proposals within the specific programmes of the Third Framework Programme, May 1993

The May 1993 status of calls for proposals within the ongoing Community specific programmes of research and technological development of the Third Framework Programme (1990-1994) is as follows:

- Information technology (ESPRIT 3): The second call was published on 12 March 1993, deadline 22.4.1993 (the evaluation procedure for this call is expected to be completed by the end of July 1993). A call for proposals concerning the European System and Software Initiative (ESSI) was published in Official Journal No C 114 of 24.4.1993, with a closing date of 7 June 1993.

- Communications technologies (RACE 2): A call is expected to be published at the end of May 1993, closing date 3 September 1993. An MS-DOS software disk was made available in 1992 to aid preparation of RACE proposals. This also provides a useful methodology for replying to calls for other RTD programmes, in particular the specific programme of RTD in telematic systems in areas of general interest.

- Telematic systems in areas of general interest (comprising DRIVE 2, DELTA 2, AIM 2, ENS, ORA, LIBRARIES, LRE): Calls in the field of learning technologies (DELTA 2) and Advanced Informatics in Medicine (AIM) were published in the Official Journal No C 121 of 1.5.1993, both with a deadline of 15.6.1993. A call under DRIVE 2 (Dedicated Road Infrastructure for Vehicle safety in Europe) is planned for May/June 1993. No calls are as yet envisaged as regards the LIBRARIES programme. In the field of Linguistic Research and Engineering (LRE) it is planned to issue a call for proposals at the beginning of 1994. ORA (Opportunities for Rural Areas) does not plan any open calls for this year. A call is possible under ENS (European Nervous Systems) but is not decided yet (it may be timetabled for October or November 1993).

- Industrial and materials technologies (BRITE/EURAM 2). It has been decided that no further main call will be issued this year. A call in Aeronautics (BRITE/EURAM 2 Area III) closed on 14.5.1993

- CRAFT (BRITE/EURAM 2): Continuous applications may be made for feasibility awards for SMEs. Applications for training schemes may also be made continuously with selection taking place in June and November. CRAFT Step 1 proposals are evaluated on a continuous basis. Step 2 proposals are to be evaluated in May/June 1993, September 1993 and January 1994.

- Measurement and testing: No further calls are planned.

- Environment: A new call for tenders was published in Official Journal No C 139 of 18.5.1993 with a deadline two months after the OJ date of publication.

- Marine science and technology (MAST 2): No further general calls are envisaged.

- Biotechnology (BIOTECH): A second call is now current, issued in Official Journal No C 114 of 24.4.1993 with a deadline on 31.8.1993. A third call is to be made later in 1993, closing at the beginning of 1994.

- Agriculture and agroindustrial research (AIR): A further call for tenders is possible in June/July 1993 with a deadline in late 1993.

- Biomedicine and Health Research (BIOMED): No further calls are considered likely in the near future. Applications may be made for junior and senior training grants (6-18 months) and for short training periods (6-12 months) throughout the duration of the programme (1991-1994). Selections are made twice a year.

- Life Sciences and Technologies for Developing Countries (STD 3): A third call taking place in June 1993 is envisaged, with a deadline planned for the end of November 1993. However, this is not definitive, and it is possible that the call may be put back until September 1993.

- Non -Nuclear Energies (JOULE 2): A second call was published in Official Journal No C 119 of 29.4.1993 with a closing date fixed at 25 June 1993.

- Human capital and mobility: A call published in OJ No C 346 of 30.12.1992 encompassed reception of research fellows and access to large scale facilities. It is not proposed to have further calls in the latter area under the current programme. The initial deadline with regards to the reception of research fellows was 20.2.1993, with further deadlines on 15.6.1993 and 1.9.1993.

- Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion: The deadline for the ITER project was 23.3.1993 (OJ No 59 of 2.3.1993).

Nuclear Fission Safety: No calls are foreseen at present, either within the area of Reactor Safety or of Radiation Protection.

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