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INFO EURO ACCESS pre-announcement of call for declarations of intent

With a view to stimulating increased participation in the programme for the establishment of an internal information services market (IMPACT 2, 1991-1995), the IMPACT Central Office wishes to give advance information on a call for declarations of intent due for publication in the Official Journal in early October 1993.

The call will concern market support in favour of integrated information tailored to the needs of specific end-users in different locations in Europe. This support effort, known as INFO EURO ACCESS, will be designed to improve European-wide access to information and enable businesses to obtain information rapidly and efficiently, in particular through the emerging transmission facilities to be offered by EURO-ISDN, forthcoming broadband and other advanced delivery channels.

By supporting key development projects it is intended to show viable ways of combining information from different sources, local and remote, for the benefit of business users, and to demonstrate solutions for overcoming technical, linguistic and administrative obstacles impeding access to information.

As the main aim of the IMPACT (Information Market Policy Actions) programme is to create a European market for information services, the projects sought will be oriented towards applications based on available technologies.

At the present time it is not feasible to invite formal and complete proposals since the 1994 IMPACT budget will not permit the support of new projects in that year. However, in the expectation that an adequate budget will be available for 1995, the Commission will be seeking interested organizations to declare their intent to make a later proposal. Such declarations should contain only very brief summaries of the intended projects. Full details would only be necessary in response to a later, formal call for proposals.

The Commission will also be inviting organizations to state tasks or subject areas, which by their complexity or lack of readiness cannot be currently the subject of proposals but require initial study, concertation or horizontal activity.

Declarations will enable the Commission to plan the INFO EURO ACCESS exercise in the light of the interest and orientation shown by industry, in particular by defining the scope and conditions of the intended call for proposals and ensuring adequate administrative and budgetary provisions for the support of projects. It is also expected that the information will assist the Commission in defining future actions to support the development of a European information market.

The call for declarations of intent will invite responses from organizations established in an EC Member State or in another State included in the European Economic Area (Austria, Finland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden).

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