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Current and upcoming calls for RTD-related proposals and tenders, March 1994

A number of current calls for proposals and tenders, issued in the period up to 20 March 1994, concern Community RTD within the Third Framework Programme and other related programmes:

Third Framework Programme:

- ESPRIT: No further calls for proposals will be published until the adoption of the Fourth Framework Programme. Lists of projects selected following the last ESPRIT call (Official Journal No 67 of 10.3.1993) and the results of the European System and Software Initiative (ESSI) supporting call (OJ No C 114 of 24.4.1993) are available on RTD-News.

- RACE (RTD in the field of communications technologies): The most recent call for proposals closed on 3 September 1993. The results of this call plus a listing of the selected projects is available on RTD-News.

- Telematic systems in areas of general interest (comprising DRIVE, DELTA, AIM, ENS, ORA, LIBRARIES, LRE). In general, no further calls are expected under this programme until the Fourth Framework Programme is adopted:

. AIM (advanced informatics in medicine): Participation is invited in the COPERNICUS call for RTD cooperation projects with Central and Eastern European Countries and the newly independent states of the former USSR (OJ No C 30 of 1.2.1994) closing on 2.5.1994);

. DELTA (flexible and distance learning): A call for proposals for telematics applications in this field was launched by DG XIII, DG XII and TFHR (Task Force Human Resources, Education, Training and Youth) on 15 March 1994, closing date 15 June 1994. Work will be undertaken in the framework of a one-year programme with a budget of ECU 3 million;

. DRIVE (Advanced Transport Telematics): A call for accompanying and supporting actions (APAS, Actions de Promotion, d'Accompagnement et de Suivi) in the field of air transport was published on 15 March 1994 in cooperation with DG VII and DG XII (OJ No C 378 of 15.3.1994), closing on 15 June 1994;

. LRE (linguistic research and engineering): A call for proposals was published on 15 March 1994 (OJ No C 78 of 15.3.1994), closing date 25 May 1994.

- CRAFT (BRITE/EURAM): The call for Step 1 proposals is now closed (this call was open on a continuous basis until December 1993). The proposers of accepted Step 1 projects may continue to submit Step 2 proposals until the final evaluation in mid-1994. Applications for CRAFT feasibility awards for SMEs can be made at any time.

- AERONAUTICS: A call for proposals for exploratory action in RTD in air transport was issued in conjunction with DG VII and DG XIII on 15 March 1994 (OJ C 78 of 15.3.1994), closing on 15 June 1994.

- ENVIRONMENT: The results of the last call (under which some 50 projects were accepted) are available on RTD-News.

- MAST (marine science and technology): A call for tenders (OJ No C 251 of 15.9.1993) concerns the organization of advanced study courses during 1995 in marine science and technology for young scientists and/or graduate students. The courses must cover one of a number of disciplines of key interest to the MAST programme. Proposals must arrive at the Commission by 7.4.1994. Additional information on the courses (OJ No C 78 of 15.3.1994) is also available on RTD-News.

- BIOMED (biomedicine and health research): Applications may be made at any time for junior and senior training grants (6-18 months) and for short training periods (6-12 months). Selections for these grants are made twice a year.

- BIOTECH: A call concerning the sociological impacts of biotechnology was launched on 15 March 1994 (OJ No C 78 of 15.3.1994).

- BCR (measurements and testing): A call for proposals relating to Areas 2 and 3 of the work programme was published in OJ No C 338 of 15.12.1993. The closing date is 15.4.1994.

Other RTD-Related Programmes:

- SPRINT (the Strategic Programme for Innovation and Technology Transfer): A call for proposals concerning the Science Park Consultancy Scheme is now current, published in OJ No C 328 of 4.12.1993. The deadline for this call (11.3.1994) has been extended to 7.4.1994;

. A SPRINT call for tenders concerns the organization of the ECDP 1994 Exhibition (OJ No C 57 of 25.2.1994), closing 60 days after the date of publication.

- TEDIS: Two calls under the Community programme for the establishment of trade electronic data interchange systems (1991-1994) were published at the beginning of 1994. These concern: proposals for EDI development projects; and a call for projects to assess the progress made under Phase II of TEDIS. Both were published in OJ No C 24 of 28.1.1994 and close on 11.4.1994.

- SAVE (elimination of CO2 emissions and increased energy efficiency) and ALTENER (promotion of renewable energy resources): Parties interested in participation in these two programmes should contact the national administrations (Ministry of Industry or Energy). Selection of projects is carried out by the Member States.


- DG I: INTAS, the International Association for the Promotion of Cooperation with Scientists from the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union, has invited interested scientists and research teams to submit proposals related to joint scientific research or networking projects with CIS scientists. The 1994 call was published in the journal "Nature" of 8.4.1994 and also in "Izvestia". Information on INTAS is available in earlier RTD-News items (RCN 1823 and RCN 2188).

- DG III: Three calls for tenders are current:

. The updating of a database on EU legislation on chemicals (OJ No C 41 of 11.2.1994);

. A study on reducing pollutant emissions from cars (OJ No C 41 of 11.2.1994);

. The recruitment of European senior executives for training in Japan (OJ No C 15 of 18.1.1994).

- DG V: A call for tenders seeking to secure technical assistance for the Community action programme to combat social exclusion appeared in OJ No C 341 of 18.12.1993, closing date 1.3.1994;

. A call for expressions of interest in providing consultancy services in social policy is also current (OJ No C 31 of 2.2.1994).

- DG VII: A call for expressions of interest (consultancy in transport) appeared in OJ No C 57 of 25.2.1994, closing 30 days after the date of publication;

. A tender for transport studies was published in OJ C 78 of 15.3.1994, closing on 4.5.1994;

. An invitation to tender for a study of seaborne trade was published in OJ No C 64 of 2.3.1994, closing on 5.5.1994;

. DG VII also issued a call for proposals in the field of air transport (mentioned above) in conjunction with DG XII and DG XIII.

- DG XI: A call for proposals concerning economic calculations for the "Drinking Water" Directive was published on 25.2.1994 (OJ No C 57), closing on 11.4.1994;

. A tender concerning economic calculations in the context of the "Drinking Water" Directive closes on 28.3.1994 (OJ No C 41 of 11.2.1994);

. Measures to promote environmental education were the subject of a call for proposals appearing in OJ No C 68 of 5.3.1994, closing on 30.6.1994;

. Applications for financial support from environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) were invited in OJ No C 68 of 5.3.1994;

. A call for tenders for cost-effective plastic waste management was published in OJ No C 73 of 11.3.1994, closing on 25.4.1994;

. A call for tenders for a study contract on the environmental impacts caused by the movement of passengers and goods the urban areas was published in OJ No S 56 of 22.3.1994, closing 60 days after the date of publication;

. An invitation to tender for the analysis of solid wastes management systems (OJ No C 41 of 11.2.1994) closes on 28.3.1994.

- DG XII/B-2: A call for proposals on cooperation projects in the field of RTD with PECO and the Newly Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union was published in OJ No C 30 of 1.2.1994, closing on 30.4.1994. A corrigendum appears in OJ No S 35 of 19.2.1994, by which "measurements and testing" is included among the areas covered by the call.

- DG XIII: A call for proposals for exploratory actions in multimedia publishing was published in OJ No C 78 of 15.3.1994, closing on 15.6.1994;

. A tender for the provision of services for the organization of a conference appeared in OJ No S 50 of 12.3.1994, closing on 11.4.1994.

- DG XVI: Expressions of interest in undertaking studies and technical assistance in the regional field may be submitted during 1994-1996 (OJ No C 31 of 2.2.1994). The call closes on 31.12.1996.

- DG XVII: A call for proposals for research into the use of solid fuels for large-scale electricity generation (ECSC coal research) was published in OJ No C 67 of 4.3.1994.

- DG XXIII: A call for tenders for the coordination of Euromanagement was published in OJ No S 53 of 17.3.1994, closing on 9.5.1994.

- STOA: The European Parliament's Directorate-General for Research has called for tenders, applications, and expressions of interest (various closing dates, 1993-1994) under the Scientific and Technical Options Assessment (STOA) programme (OJ No C 179 of 1.7.1993).

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