Servizio Comunitario di Informazione in materia di Ricerca e Sviluppo - CORDIS

Increased awareness for the youth of Europe

The Commission has published a call for proposals for information campaigns targeted at young people within the context of a Community initiative for young Europeans which will support initiatives with a European dimension. The "Priority Action II: youth information", managed by the Task Force for Human Resources, Education, Training and Youth (TFHR), and this initiative of DG X are complementary.

For 1994 the objectives will be to:
- Help further the establishment of a people's Europe;
- Provide young people with information on the European Union in general, including its institutions and policies.

The Commission will contribute to a limited number of youth information projects relating to the European Union and topics likely to be of interest to young people such as the history and workings of the European institutions, Union citizenship, civil rights, common policies, and the future of European integration.

Proposals for projects can be submitted by public or private organizations and institutions as well as groups and associations in the Member States. The Commission will draw up a list of selected projects, provide financial assistance, receive interim and final reports and publicize the results. Only projects which are innovative and involve at least three Member States will be taken into consideration. The aid granted to these projects will not exceed 50% of total expenses incurred.