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Tender: European guidance on clinical audit for medical exposures


The European Commission's Directorate General for Energy and Transport has launched a call for tenders to provide European guidance on clinical audits.

The purpose of this study is to develop a clear definition of the concept of Clinical Audit and to facilitate the harmonisation of the implementation of Art.6. 4) of Council Directive 97/43/ Euratom requiring Clinical Audits. The action has been proposed by the Euratom Art 31 Working Party on Medical Exposures following the consensus statements of the International Symposium on the Practical Implementation of Clinical Audit for Exposure to Ionising Radiation in Medical Practices, held 2003 in Tampere, Finland (organised with Commission support), where the lack of EU guidance regarding the implementation of Clinical Audit was emphasised.

The project will:
1. Give an overview of the national regulatory framework on Clinical Audit in the 25 Member States.
2. Develop a clear definition of Clinical Audit for exposure to radiation in medical practices (diagnostic radiology, radiotherapy, and nuclear medicine).
3. Analyse possible needs and make recommendations to facilitate the harmonisation of the implementation of Article 6 of Council Directive 97/43 Euratom.