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ERA-MORE training - call for tenders


The European Commission's Research DG has published a call for tenders for ERA-MORE training.

The European network of Mobility Centres ERA-MORE was launched in June 2004 with the objective of offering researchers and their families, whether incoming or outgoing, comprehensive and up-to-date information and personalised assistance in all matters relating to their professional and daily lives.

Mobility Centres have been established in all countries participating in the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), based on their designation by national research ministries. They are hosted by organisations that, in most cases, already have experience in counselling international students and researchers. The network includes some 200 designated Mobility Centres.

The general tasks of all Mobility Centres include providing information and proximity assistance to researchers in matters such as:
- entry conditions, work permits, job opportunities;
- salaries and taxation, pension rights, health care, social security, recognition of diploma;
- accommodation, day care and schooling;
- language courses;
- general culture of the host country;
- intellectual property rights, etc.

Effective communication with researchers from all over the world as the clients of the Mobility Centres is one key aspect of their daily work.

The training activities organised at European level aim at improving the overall performance of the ERA-MORE network and enhancing the quality of the services available to researchers and their families. They complement training activities organised at national level that aim mainly at developing knowledge about relevant national legislation.

Therefore the Commission has the intention of organising training courses for the staff of the Mobility Centres with the objective of enhancing the knowledge and competences of the ERA-MORE members.