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Current and upcoming calls for RTD-related proposals and tenders, June 1994

The following is a summary of the current calls for proposals and tenders issued in the period up to 14 June 1994, concerning Community RTD within the Third Framework Programme and other related programmes.

Third Framework Programme:


No further calls for proposals will be published until the specific programme which will continue ESPRIT has been adopted. Lists of projects selected following the last ESPRIT call (OJ No C 67 of 10.3.1993) and the results of the European System and Software Initiative (ESSI) supporting call (OJ No C 114 of 24.4.1993) are available on CORDIS RTD-News.

- RACE (RTD in the field of communications technologies):

The most recent call for proposals closed on 3.9.1993. The results of this call plus a listing of the selected projects are available on RTD-News.


CRAFT: The call for Step 1 proposals is now closed (this call was open on a continuous basis until December 1993). The proposers of accepted Step 1 projects may continue to submit Step 2 proposals until the final evaluation in July 1994. Applications for CRAFT feasibility awards for SMEs can be made at any time.

- BCR (Measurement and Testing):

A call for proposals closed on 15.4.1994 (OJ No C 338 of 15.12.1993). The selection procedure should be completed by July 1994.

- MAST (Marine Science and Technology):

A call for proposals under the specific programme in the field of marine science and technology (MAST), for the assessment of risks and adverse impacts likely to affect the marine environment as a result of the use of marine technologies and techniques (OJ No C 78 of 15.3.1994). Closes on 29.6.1994.

- AIR (Agriculture and Agro-Industry Research):

The third call for proposals is currently being evaluated and the selection is scheduled to be completed by July.

- Human Capital and Mobility:

All calls are closed under this programme; projects in the final selection round are currently being evaluated. The final selection rounds for Institutional Fellowships will take place in October 1994.


Projects for the utilization of RTD results are currently being examined and a decision is expected by July. The results of the "Interfaces II and III" call are expected in late June.

Other RTD-related programmes:

- SAVE (Elimination of CO2 emissions and increased energy efficiency) and ALTENER (Promotion of renewable energy resources):

Parties interested in participating in these two programmes should contact the national administrations (Ministry of Industry or Energy). Selection of projects is carried out by the Member States.

- TEDIS (Community programme for the establishment of trade electronic data interchange systems, 1991-1994):

Two calls closed on 11.4.1994: the Phase II progress assessment report and EDI development projects (OJ No C 24 of 28.1.1994).


A call for proposals for preparatory actions to explore the possibilities of scientific and technological cooperation between the European Union and Mediterranean third countries in three areas of mutual interest, namely, waste water treatment, primary health care and renewable energies (OJ No C 106 of 14.4.1994). Closes on 15.7.1994.


- DG I (External Relations):

Technical assistance to the MED-INVEST programme (OJ No S 103 of 1.6.1994). Closes on 30.6.1994.

- DG III (Internal Market and Industrial Affairs):

. Studies in the field of industrial competitiveness under the STUDYNET programme (OJ No S 110 of 10.6.1994). Closes on 5.8.1994.

. Feasibility study on the establishment of a single European authority for the certification of aeronautical products (OJ No S 112 of 14.6.1994). Closes on 12.8.1994.

- DG V (Employment, Industrial Relations and Social Affairs):

. A call for expressions of interest in providing consultancy services in social policy (OJ No C 31 of 2.2.1994).

. A call for proposals in the context of the "Europe against AIDS" programme (OJ No S 74 of 16.4.1994; OJ No C 108 of 16.4.1994). Closes on 12.8.1994.

- DG VI (Agriculture):

Studies and provision of services in the forestry sector (OJ No S 94 of 18.5.1994). This call is open-ended.

- DG XI (Environment, Nuclear Safety and Civil Protection):

. A call for proposals for measures to promote environmental education (OJ No C 68 of 5.3.1994). Closes on 30.6.1994.

. A call for expressions of interest for technical assistance and consultancy in the fields of the environment, nuclear safety and civil protection (OJ No S 108 of 8.6.1994). Closes on 30.6.1994.

- DG XIII (Telecommunications, Information Market and Exploitation of Research):

Under the IMPACT II programme, DG XIII has undertaken a study of the legal and administrative obstacles to the development of the information services market (OJ No C 122 of 4.5.1994). Closes on 28.6.1994.


Call concerning increased awareness for the youth of Europe (OJ No S 100 of 27.5.1994). Closes on 15.7.1994.

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