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Promotion of the use of fibre flax

The European Commission has published an invitation to tender for certain measures to promote the use of fibre flax. With a view to encouraging the use of fibre flax in the European Union, the Commission plans to conduct a two-year promotion campaign covering information (media, press, events, advertising) and research in addition to an assessment of these measures.

Information campaigns include:

- For the Community market:

. Publicity campaigns carrying a message adapted to the sections of the public targeted and to the special characteristics of certain regions of the market. The campaigns may not only involve methods used in previous campaigns (in particular advertising inserts in magazines) but also other media and information techniques such as measures to make the whole distribution chain and sales points aware of the product, posters near to points of sale, publicity campaigns aiming at the final consumers, TV spots, participation in special radio and TV broadcasts, and publicity reports (maximum of ECU 2.5 million);

. A public relations campaign and press conferences involving the popular and specialist press (maximum of ECU 500,000);

For the United States market:
. A publicity, information and public relations campaign: (maximum of ECU 500,000).

Other information measures will include:

- For the Community market:

. Participation in major textiles exhibitions of international renown to publicize European quality linen and in events which emphasize creativity, such as trade fairs and in-store promotion. Such measures will be carried out in combination with media campaigns public relations campaigns, educational events and competitions. They will also include the production of a range of suitable promotional material (maximum of ECU 1 million);

. Measures of an educational nature such as the production of educational material (videos, slides, brochures, booklets, etc.) on the linen industry and products, and its distribution to teachers and students in technical, fashion and design schools, together with the organization of courses, to expound linen's qualities and possible uses (maximum of ECU 300,000);

. The organization and publicizing in the media of "young designer" competitions to motivate future opinion leaders to use linen (maximum of ECU 300,000);

- For the United States market:
. The organization of trade fairs and events for opinion leaders following the same criteria as those set out above (maximum of ECU 300,000).


The aim of research is to create or develop products, processes or treatments which:
- Are new or improved from the technical and economic viewpoints;
- Are related to pure linen or linen-based mixed fabrics;
- Are likely to attract traditional users or new categories of users;
- Can be used quickly for promotional purposes.

The research should cover one or more of the following topics:
- Linen/flax and the environment;
- Dyeing;
- Creasing;
- Care;
- Mixes with other textiles;
- New outlets.

Assessment (maximum of ECU 250,000):

In order to ensure and improve the profitability of measures to promote fibre flax, information campaigns must be assessed satisfactorily. The Commission is considering calling on an independent consultant to assess the most important measures to promote linen before (pre-test relating to the initial situation on the market with regard to the planned measures), during (real-time assessment) and after their implementation. Assessment should include the qualititative and quantitive impact of the measures so as to permit the Commission, if necessary, to readjust its strategy and increase the impact of any future programme. It is therefore proposed to allocate up to ECU 200,000 for the assessment of promotion campaigns on the Community market and up to ECU 50,000 for assessment on the United States market.


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