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Call for expressions of interest in public health policy

The European Commission has published a call for expressions of interest from organizations, associations and consultants interested in public health policy.

The Commission intends to establish, after examining proposals, a list of potential contractors. The list will also be used for selecting candidates who may be invited subsequently to submit to the Commission detailed proposals within the framework of a restricted call for tender, in accordance with the areas concerned and with a limit of ECU 200,000.

The areas concerned are the following:

- Public health;
- Safety protection concerning other policies, programmes and action.

The required expertise will cover the following aspects:

- Improving processes, problem-solving and knowledge of situations concerning public health policies to guarantee a high standard of health through international, national and regional achievements and assistance;
- Encouraging the promotion of health and improving the prevention of diseases, notably the major diseases, including drug addiction, through informative actions, education and analysis of the causes of the diseases and the ways they can be transmitted;
- Promoting a high level of protection in the Member States through informative actions, training and education, as well as the implementation of pilot projects, consultancy and coordination networks.

In order to obtain a high level of public health the Community has set up the following objectives:

- To avoid premature deaths, particularly within the young and active population;
- To increase the life expectancy of individuals who are not sick or handicapped;
- To promote the quality of life by improving the general state of health and combating chronic and disabling diseases;
- To promote the general well-being of the population, notably by decreasing the economic and social consequences of disease.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Commission is intending to launch restricted invitations to tender to select contractors able to demonstrate their competence and experience in the following areas:

- Public health:
. Cancer;
. Transmittable diseases, excluding AIDS;
. Drug addiction;
. Diseases related to the pollution of the environment;
. Accidents and voluntary and involuntary injuries outside the workplace;
. Rare diseases (for example, thalassaemia, Creuzfeld-Jacob and Alzheimer diseases);
. Other diseases;
. Promotion of health;
. Nutrition;
. Tobacco consumption;
. Alcohol consumption;
. Medication;
. Hygiene and physical exercise;

- Action procedures:
. Primary prevention (to guarantee health and minimize exposure to the risk factors);
. Secondary prevention (e.g. screening, vaccination, preventive treatment/prophylaxis);
. Treatment, intervening procedures avoiding the progress or the recurrence of the diseases;
. Social reintegration;
. Public information;
. Information of special groups;
. Health education;
. Training of health personnel and health experts;
. Exchange of information and experience gained by operators, opinion and decision makers;
. Collection and treatment of data;
. Supervision;
. Epidemiology;
. Analyses, studies, inquiries, reviews;
. Evaluation;
. Coordination;
. Training or development of networks.
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