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Pre-publication notice of Information Technologies IV call for proposals

On 15 December 1994, the European Commission will publish the following call for tender in the Official Journal of the European Communities. It concerns the specific RTD programme in the field of information technologies (ESPRIT). Please note that the call will not be officially launched until the 15 December and is provided here purely for information purposes.

"By its Decision of 26 April 1994, the European Parliament and the Council adopted the Fourth Framework Programme of European Community activities in the field of research, technological development and demonstration (RTD) for the period 1994 to 1998 (Decision No 1110/94/EC of the European Parliament and the Council, OJ No L 126 of 18.5.1994). Thereafter, the Council adopted, on 29 September 1994, the specific programme for research and technological development, including demonstration, in the field of information technologies.

In conformity with Article 5 of the Decision on the specific programme, a work programme has been drawn up setting out the detailed objectives and types of projects to be undertaken.

Organizations eligible to participate in the programme are invited to submit proposals for the areas and topics covered by those parts of the work programme set out below.

The research domains and tasks will be addressed, in general, in shared-cost research and technological development (RTD) projects, in conformity with the rules for implementation set out in Annex III to the Decision, and for participation and dissemination as defined by the Council. In addition, accompanying measures and concerted actions supporting the objectives of the work programme may be undertaken.

Detailed information about procedures and eligibility for the submission of proposals, about the contract that will be established with successful proposers, about the work programme, and about background material to the work programme is given in the Information Package and specific explanatory documents, which are available on request from the Commission services. Description of work undertaken in earlier and related programmes is also available on request. All correspondence concerning this call should be sent to:

RTD Programme in Information Technologies
Fourth Framework Programme Proposals' Offices
[Address not provided]

or through e-mail to:


Information on the work programme can be obtained either at the above address, or via WWW from the following servers:


- New procedures for calls for evaluations:

The current call is the first of a series of focused calls which will be published every three months on fixed dates, 15 March, 15 June, 15 September and 15 December. This change from former ESPRIT calls will enable proposers to prepare more continuously, and within their own strategic plan, for appropriate submissions.

An indicative yearly plan is included in the general Information Package available for each call, so as to allow proposers to plan ahead. The schedule will allow the Commission services to synchronize with calls for related tasks in other programmes. This allows for parallel evaluations with exchange of proposals and evaluation information between programmes which address related areas.

In order to add flexibility and transparency, to shorten the time from proposal submission to conclusion of contract and to reduce the overall preparation costs, the Commission has introduced several changes to its procedures (see general information in the Information Package).

- Focus of the current call:

. Technical domains:

The work of the programme is directed both at the more basic or underpinning technologies, and at selected topics which integrate technologies into systems. Activities in the latter areas are organized as focused clusters.

In each domain specific tasks issued by this call are described. Each task is identified by the number assigned to it in the complete description of the work programme.

- Implementation plan:

. One-step evaluation: Evaluation of proposals submitted for the domains: Software technologies, technologies for components and subsystems, microsystems and peripherals, multimedia systems, Open Microprocessor systems Initiative, technologies for business processes and integration in manufacturing will be carried out in one step, requiring submission of a full proposal as described in the Information Package. The proposal must arrive at the Commission at the latest by 5 pm (Brussels local time) on 15 March 1995;

. Two-step evaluation: Evaluation of proposals submitted for the domains: high-performance computing and networking and long-term research (under the reactive scheme) will be carried out in two steps. For the first step a light proposal, as described in the Information Package, must arrive at the Commission at the latest by 5 pm (Brussels local time) on 15 February 1995. Following evaluation and selection, successful proposers will be invited to submit a full proposal, with a deadline two months after the invitation is issued;

. Open LTR projects (task 4.1): Proposals for the first phase of open LTR projects may be submitted at any time from 15 February 1995 until 15 February 1996;

. Business best practice pilots (task 7.1): Proposals for business best practice pilots may be either short proposals for six-month definition phases, or full proposals for full pilots of up to 30 months duration;

. Statistical tools (tasks 1.1 and 1.12): This part of the work programme will be managed by Eurostat;

. Accompanying measures: Proposals for networks of excellence, working groups and user groups, demonstration projects, cooperative R&D projects, training, and coordination activities related to any part of the work programme may be submitted at any time up to 15 February 1996. This does not apply to accompanying measures specifically described in the work programme and mentioned as tasks in the call (see table);

. SME exploratory awards: Proposals may be submitted at any time up to 15 February 1996. A limited number of proposals (up to 100) will be accepted during this period after selection based on the criteria defined in the Information Package;

. Budgetary allocation: The indicative budgetary allocation for this call in terms of millions of ECUs of Community contribution is as follows: ST: 30; TCS: 75; MS: 38 ; LTR: 15; OMI: 59; HPCN: 35; TBP: 22; IIM: 48;

. Deadlines: All proposals must arrive before the abovementioned deadlines at the address given above. The closing dates for continuous submission may be adapted as new calls are issued."

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