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The European Environment Agency has published a call for tender for the publication of a number of Agency publications based on the Agency's report entitled "The Dob-is Assessment".

The Dob-is Assessment covers the state of the environment in 50 European countries and will be published with its statistical compendium at the beginning of 1995. Conceived as a comprehensive assessment, the information contained in the report has a potentially wide audience and varied uses which require different formats of presentation.

The original report, available only in English, was prepared in response to a request by the European Environment Ministers' Conference held at Dob-is Castle in the former Republic of Czechoslovakia in June 1991. The aim of the report was to facilitate the development and prioritization of an environmental programme for Europe, and to help raise general awareness about environmental problems. From the start it was recognized that more than one publication with different formats would be required to address the different audiences implied by this request (including policy makers, non-governmental and trade organizations, etc., as well as the general public). Furthermore, it became clear that the information gathered during this exercise would also have a wider interest and use. In this context, the European Environment Agency has identified a series of new products to be based on the report, its associated documentation and information base, which will target different audiences and help disseminate the results of the report.

The call is divided into six lots. Those submitting tenders may apply for any number of them.

- Lot 1: Language versions - translation, pre-press, publication and distribution.

The first and most significant barrier to the broad dissemination of the information in the report is language. Proposals are therefore requested for producing translated versions of the whole document and its statistical compendium in the same form in which they are published in English. To ensure accuracy, translations would have to be carried out in collaboration and agreement with the national focal points used to prepare the report in the primary countries of interest, and with small groups of experts from these countries. In the first instance translations are being considered into the following languages:

- Russian;
- French;
- German;
- Italian;
- Spanish.

Proposals for other language translations will also be considered.

- Lot 2: Popular version - development, writing, illustrating, publishing and distribution.

This document is aimed at the general public for wide and popular dissemination. It is conceived as a paperback of about 200 pages describing the state of the European environment, pressures, problems and consequences. Written for wide consumption in an easily understandable 'journalistic' style, it should be easily accessible to the public, cheap and well marketed. This would be complemented by the pocketbook (lot 4).
- Lot 3: Environmental atlas - development, selection and illustration of maps, writing, publishing and distribution.

A normal atlas format containing approximately 100 maps, composed from GIS data, statistics and satellite images. This would act as a support and reference book to the main report emphasizing the geographical dimension of European environmental problems. (This could also be made available as a computer atlas with a menu-driven query system, linked to the CD-ROM development.)

- Lot 4: Pocket-book - development, writing, illustrating, publishing and distribution.

A small format document of about 25 to 30 pages, such as a pocketbook of statistics, for quick and easy reference, well illustrated and made available free of charge in public libraries and similar locations.

- Lot 5: Educational material - conception, design and development, writing and illustration, publishing and distribution.

This may comprise booklets, work-packs, posters and presentational slides and overheads, etc., for all or any of the themes covered by the report. Materials may be proposed for different age groups and in particular for children from ages 10 to 17. The development of products under this heading must be conducted by transnational teams with pedagogic experience in an interdisciplinary approach.

- Lot 6: Other suggestions for publication, conception and design proposals of products, other than those already covered in lots 1-5, which are expected to promote the objectives outlined above and the wider aims of the European Environment Agency.

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