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Call for proposals for the specific programme for cooperation with third countries and international organizations

1. Following the Decision by Parliament and Council adopting the Fourth Framework Programme of European Community activities in the field of research and technological development and demonstration (1994-1998) and the Council Decision on the specific programme for research and technological development, including demonstration, in the field of cooperation with third countries and international organizations, the Commission is inviting proposals for research and technological development (RTD) actions.

In conformity with Article 5.1 of the Decision on the specific programme, a work programme has been drawn up setting out the detailed scientific and technological objectives and types of actions to be undertaken, and the financial arrangements to be made for them.

2. The objectives and the research, technological development and demonstration work covered by this call for proposals relate to one of the areas described in the work programme.

The legal entities referred to in Articles 1, 2 and 3 of the Council Decision on the rules for participation in specific programmes and the JRC are invited to submit proposals for RTD actions in the following areas:

Area C: Scientific and technological cooperation with developing countries:

1. Research sectors of general importance:
1.1. Sustainable management of renewable natural resources;
1.2. Sustainable improvement of agricultural and agro-industrial production;
1.3. Health;
2. Additional sectors of mutual interest:
2.1. Information and communications technologies.

3. Proposals must arrive at the Commission before 15 June 1995 (12.00), local time, for projects on all aspects of human-vaccine-related research, and on all aspects of livestock health research, and before 6 September 1995 (12.00), local time, for projects on all other topics.

4. The research and technological development work will be addressed as a general rule by shared-cost actions, in conformity with the rules for implementation set out in Annex III of the Council Decision on the specific programme. In addition, certain actions will be undertaken as preparatory, accompanying or support measures or as concerted actions as described in the Council Decision and in the work programme.

As a general rule, projects should involve at least two non-affiliated partners from different Member States or from one Member State and one Associated State including EFTA/EEA countries and one partner or more from developing countries. Strong preference will be given to projects involving two or more partners from separate developing countries in the same region (certain individual countries, such as China, by their geographic or demographic dimension, can be considered as a region).

RTD actions will be addressed in contracts in accordance with the Council Decision on the rules for participation in specific programmes, and their results will be disseminated on the basis of the principles given in the Council Decision relating to rules for dissemination of results from specific programmes of research, technological development and demonstration of the European Community.

5. Special conditions (with reference to the research and technological development work described in the work programme):

This call covers a limited number of research areas. Future calls may cover other research areas mentioned in the work programme. The areas selected for the first call are of widespread importance and are, in principle, applicable to all developing countries. However, with the aim of enhancing the focus of research proposals and concentrating activities, priority topics have been identified for certain regions (normally groups of countries) and these are mentioned under each sector.

For regions where priorities have been identified, proposals will be eligible only if they fall within one or more of the mentioned priorities. In these cases, if there is added scientific value, partners from outside the region may also be incorporated in the proposal.

When a topic is mentioned as a priority in several regions, transregional proposals on this topic may be submitted. For regions where no priorities have been identified for a particular sector proposals may cover any topics mentioned in this call.

Since the three main thematic areas are interrelated, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral, scientific approaches are often required to adequately meet the programme's objectives. Research proposals addressing several sectors or topics are, therefore, encouraged.

For full details of the areas covered by the call, see the text (TXT) field of this news item.

6. The work programme, the information package on the procedures for submitting proposals and an example of the model contract that will be let with retained applicants are available on demand from the Commission services.


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