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AIDS action plan 1994/1995 within the context of the "Europe against AIDS" programme

Within the context of actions against AIDS governed by the provisions in the Parliament and Council Decision No 1.2.234 of 22 December 1994, the Commission, DG V, proposes to support specific projects in the different areas of the envisaged activity.

The Commission invites proposals concerning projects relevant to the terms of the above Decision, and notably projects relating to the following sectors:

- Field of activity 1: Evaluation of the knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of the general public and certain target groups, information campaigns and awareness as regards the public and these groups.

. Technical specifications:

The evaluation of results of surveys on knowledge, attitudes and behaviour vis-a-vis the epidemic and dissemination of relevant data.

- Field of activity 2: Measures aimed at children and young people.

. Technical specifications:

- The examination, promotion and exchanges of information on teaching given with respect to HIV/AIDS in schools and other Member State teaching and training establishments;
- Information exchanges on teaching programmes on HIV/AIDS designed for children and young people who have had no schooling;
- Interaction with general health education programmes within and outside the educational system;
- Promotion of pilot educational actions on HIV/AIDS, included in the general educational framework for health and general promotion of health for the benefit of children and young people both with and without schooling, including programmes designed specially for minorities.

- Field of activity 3: Prevention of HIV transmission amongst certain groups and in particular contexts.

. Technical specifications:

(a) Trips and tourism:

The tenderer's tasks will be orientated towards:
- The analysis and exchange of information and experiences on problems linked with tourism, and travellers;

(b) Prisons:

The tenderer's tasks will be orientated towards:
- Examination and exchange of information on schemes currently in application in the Community, with respect to people who are HIV positive or suffering from AIDS in the prison milieu, and notably on procedures specified during admission, imprisonment and following release; on education of the prisoners, on personnel training and the possibility of a specific form of prevention and measures aiming to reduce harmful effects;
- The promotion of pilot actions aiming to develop new methods for looking after and helping HIV positive people or AIDS sufferers, to reduce HIV transmission risks and to improve personnel training working in the prison milieu;

(c) Parenteral drug users:

The tenderer's tasks will be orientated towards:
- The evaluation of knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of parenteral drug users vis-a-vis HIV/AIDS, the study of HIV-contamination-prevention strategies;

(d) Women exposed to particular HIV contamination risks:

The tenderer's tasks will be orientated towards:
- The promotion of information exchanges on the situation of women exposed to particular HIV contamination risks in Member States and on the preventative activities undertaken for them; the development of pilot projects as regards prevention and assistance;

(e) Vertical HIV transmission from mother to child:

The tenderer's tasks will be orientated towards:
- Examination and exchanges of information on HIV transmission from mother to child in the Member States and on the situation of HIV positive children and young people and their families, notably with respect to access to teaching establishments, acceptance and social and psychological assistance; promotion of pilot projects;

(f) Other populations with habits which would infer risk:

The tenderer's tasks will be orientated towards:
- Evaluation of knowledge, attitudes and behaviour relating to HIV/AIDS amongst groups such as young homosexual and bisexual people as well as information exchanges between Member States on preventative measures taken for these groups;
- The development of pilot projects in this area.

- Field of activity 4: Social and psychological assistance.

. Technical specifications:

- The promotion of exchange of experiences on the assistance models and support given to HIV positive people and AIDS sufferers, as well as the promotion of studies on HIV/AIDS psychosocial aspects;
- Development of networks of organizations, especially in the non-governmental sector and including self-help groups.

- Field of activity 5: Collection of data relating to HIV/AIDS.

. Technical specifications:

- The encouragement of activities aiming to increase and improve the epidemiological training with respect to HIV/AIDS;
- Examination of the circumstances of HIV infection, as well as the promotion of information exchanges concerning contaminated people who remain asymptomatic over long periods of time;
- Information exchanges on important events which have occurred in each Member State and on a Community level in terms of evolution of the epidemic and associated problems including economic issues, such as costs of official services and measures taken to face up to it;
- Promote the development and use of evaluation parameters to determine the efficiency of preventative measures, especially the volume of calls received via help lines and questions handled, the rate and type of media coverage and evolution of incidence of sexually-transmitted diseases.

- Field of activity 6: Fight against discrimination against HIV positive people, AIDS sufferers and their family circle.

. Technical specifications:

- The analysis of real and potential discriminatory situations in the Community, for instance, in the areas of employment, insurance, accommodation, education and healthcare, as well as borders and as regards obligatory screening for certain groups, such as immigrants, prisoners, job seekers, sick people and military personnel;
- The examination of the situation concerning the implementation in the Member States of the measures set out with respect to the fight against discrimination in the resolution of the Council and Health Ministers of the Member States dated 22 December 1989 (OJ No C 10 of 16.1.1990), the examination as well as promotion of exchange of information with regard to measures taken in the Member States to avoid or tone down the discrimination, especially in the abovementioned areas.

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