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Call for expressions of interest in Industrial and Materials Technologies, Standards, Measurement and Testing, and ECSC Steel Research programmes

The European Commission, DG XII, has published a call for expressions of interest for the establishment of a list of persons or organizations to assist the Commission in areas relating to the European Community research programmes in the fields of industrial and materials technologies (BRITE/EURAM III), standards, measurement and testing, and ECSC steel research.

The Commission will draw up a list of suitable candidates. Each time a specific contract is to be concluded relating to the areas described below, the Commission will send the specifications to all the candidates on the list, or to some of them selected on the basis of special criteria for the contract concerned. The list drawn up following this notice will be used solely for contracts whose estimated value is below the thresholds laid down in the relevant public procurement directives.

The list will be divided into three sublists, each one of which will correspond to one of the types of service referred to below.

The European Community is carrying out research and technological development activities giving rise to specific programmes under successive framework programmes. The objective of this call is to draw up a list of suitably qualified persons or organizations to assist the Commission in the management of activities related to the Industrial and Materials Technologies, Standards, Measurement and Testing, and ECSC Steel Research programmes in the following areas:

- Incorporation of new technologies into production systems;
- Development of clean production technologies;
- Rational management of raw materials;
- Safety and reliability of production systems;
- Human and organizational factors within production systems;
- Materials engineering;
- New methodologies for product design and manufacture;
- Reliability and quality of materials and products;
- Technologies for recovering products at the end of their lifecycle;
- Aircraft design and systems integration;
- Aircraft production;
- Technologies for improved aircraft efficiency;
- Environmental technologies;
- Technologies for aircraft safety;
- Technologies for aircraft operation;
- Design of vehicles and systems integration;
- Vehicle production;
- Technologies to improve vehicle efficiency;
- Technologies for vehicle safety;
- Technologies for vehicle operations.

The work may relate to services listed in three sublists:

- Sublist 1 (COO): Assistance with the management, the coordination and the follow-up of RTD projects (scientific and technical monitoring, analysis of documents, evaluation of industrial potential of RTD projects, ex-post evaluation of projects, organization of conferences and workshops, etc.);

- Sublist 2 (ETU): General or technical studies on subjects relating to research programmes and projects (studies on market requirements, on scientific and technological trends and topics as well as on social or environmental aspects, etc.);

- Sublist 3 (EXP): Assistance and back-up for the exploitation of results of RTD projects (search for industrial partners, licensing agreements, financial engineering, legal assistance for the protection of industrial property rights, training, etc.).

This latter service is to be established in accordance with the Third Activity of the Fourth Framework Programme: Dissemination and Exploitation of Results.

The list will be valid for three years from 2 June 1995.

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