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Call for expressions of interest in Training and Mobility of Researchers programme

The European Commission, DG XII, has published a call for expressions of interest for the establishment of a list of persons or organizations to assist the Commission in areas relating to the European Community research and technological development programme in the field of training and mobility of researchers (TMR).

The Commission will draw up a list of suitable candidates. Each time a specific contract is to be concluded relating to the areas described below, the Commission will send the specifications to all the candidates on the list, or to some of them selected on the basis of special criteria for the contract concerned. The list drawn up following this notice will be used solely for contracts whose estimated value is below the thresholds laid down in the relevant public procurement directives.

The list will be divided into two sublists, each one of which will correspond to one of the types of service referred to below.

The European Community is carrying out research and technological development activities giving rise to specific programmes under successive framework programmes. The objective of this call is to draw up a list of suitably qualified persons or organizations to assist the Commission in the management of activities related to the TMR programme.

The TMR programme covers the exact, natural, economic and management sciences, as well as those social and human sciences that contribute to the Community's RTD objectives. These domains fall within the following disciplines: mathematics and information sciences, physics, chemistry, life sciences, earth sciences, engineering sciences, economic, management, social and human sciences.

The activities of the programme related to the above domains are:

- RTD projects (non-targeted, basic research):
. Research networks;
. Access to large-scale facilities;
. Research-through-training;
. Euroconferences, summer schools and practical training courses;

- Human resource development of European researchers:
. Training for researchers;
. Researcher mobility and virtual mobility;
. Use of distance-learning techniques for research training;
. Equal opportunities for researchers;
. Career development in research;
. Social and economic impact;
. Technological risks;
. Scientific and technical cohesion;
. Best management practice for research networking and for training young researchers within RTD projects.

The work may relate to services listed in two sublists:

- Sublist 1 (COO): Assistance with the management, the coordination and the follow-up of RTD projects (scientific and technical monitoring, analysis of documents, evaluation of industrial potential of RTD projects, ex-post evaluation of projects, organization of conferences and workshops, etc.);

- Sublist 2 (ETU): General or technical studies on subjects relating to research programmes and projects (studies on market requirements, on scientific and technological trends and topics as well as on social or environmental aspects, etc.).

The list will be valid for three years from 2 June 1995.

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