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Technical assistance to the Med-Migration programme


The European Commission, DG I, has published a call for expressions of interest for organizations wishing to be included in a restricted call for tender for the creation of an office providing technical assistance to its Med-Migration programme.

This programme has been created by the Commission, within the context of its new Mediterranean policy (NMP), with the aim of promoting decentralized cooperation, on the theme of migration.

The objective of the Med-Migration programme is to facilitate the development of partnership relations between local European Union communities especially affected by issues involving migration and those of Mediterranean non-member countries (MNC) from which populations settled in European Union countries originated. It will also include relevant organizations supported by these communities.

This programme is a follow-up to the pilot phase of the Med Urbs Migration programme, during the course of which eight cooperation networks were financed.

With a view to commencing implementation of the Med-Migration progamme by 1 November 1995, the European Commission intends to delegate certain aspects of the management of the programme to a technical assistance office on the basis of a renewable annual contract. Such an office would be required to provide the following services:

- Assist the Commission in setting up the follow-up to the Med-Migration programme;
- Assist cooperation networks in the start-up and development of their projects in terms of technical aspects and methodology;
- Ensure follow-up of projects and their coherence with Community programme objectives;
- Stimulate network operation;
- Set up an information strategy for participants as well as potential partners and interested organizations.

Participation is open, under equal conditions, to any legal entity (company, association or grouping of companies) in the Community's Member States. Those selected by the Commission will be invited to tender within the context of a restricted invitation to tender.