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Third call for proposals for RTD actions under the Telematics Applications programme

The European Commission has published a third call for proposals for RTD actions for its specific programme for research and technological development, including demonstration, in the field of telematics applications of common interest (1994-1998).

Organizations eligible to participate in this programme are invited to submit proposals in the following areas:

- Telematics for research (support measure RE 5.3);
- Education and training (task ET 1.7 - language learning and tasks ET 3.1 to 3.3 - support measures);
- Healthcare (task HC5.1 - accompanying measures supporting user groups; task HC2.2 - support measures concerning integrated services for resource management; task HC2.6 - regional healthcare networks in metropolitan areas);
- Disabled and elderly (all tasks);
- Language engineering (all tasks).

Detailed information concerning the work programme, the procedure to follow for the submission of proposals (Information Package - version dated 15 September 1995) and the standard contract that will be established in respect of selected proposals are available on request from the Commission's services. The description of work undertaken in previous programmes and related activities will also be provided upon request. The Commission Services may reject a proposal which does not follow the procedures outlined in the information package. Potential proposers are, therefore, strongly advised to obtain all necessary information before making a proposal.

It should be noted that the programme is also open to organizations from European Third Countries. In order to facilitate participation of organizations from the Central and Eastern European countries, and from the European countries of the former Soviet Union, Community financial support can be made available. Details of Third Country participation possibilities are contained in the information package.

An optional outline proposal may be submitted for pre-screening and consultation involving the Commission services if so desired by the proposers.

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