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Provision of assistance for technical evaluation for ESPRIT programme

The European Commission, DG III, has published a call for expressions of interest for the provision of assistance in the technical evaluation and review of proposals and projects within the RTD programme for information technologies.

Persons or organizations who are interested in having their names entered on a list of potential contractors are invited to submit an application in accordance with the rules set out below.

The authorizing department will add candidates who meet the criteria set out in the existing database of potential evaluators and reviewers.

Each time a specific contract is to be concluded for an evaluation or review task as described in the notice, the authorizing department will select a candidate from the database on the basis of expertise, availability and other criteria to ensure appropriate functioning of the programme (e.g. continuity in project review, sufficient renewal of expertise).

The existing database will be used solely for the purpose of selecting experts for evaluation and review tasks in accordance with existing contracting rules.

The notice covers the following areas:

- Technical assistance in the evaluation of proposals submitted in response to one of the calls of the specific programme for RTD in information technologies (ESPRIT). Evaluators assess proposals on the basis of the evaluation criteria published in information material. Evaluation is carried out on a strictly confidential basis and the Commission will not inform proposers on the evaluators who assessed their proposal.

- Technical assistance to EC staff in the review of ESPRIT projects at regular review meetings concerning the project, review of project reports, or review of project plans. Typically 2 or 3 expert reviewers assist a Commission staff member in a review team, which assess the technical and scientific progress of a running project. The reports form the basis of decisions by the Commission with respect to the project. Normally reviewers will not change during the life of a project. The project consortia have the right to object against individual experts on the basis of their industrial strategy.

The task concerns the following technical expertise domains of the ESPRIT programme:

- Software technologies;
- Technologies for components and subsystems;
- Multimedia systems;
- Long-term research in IT;
- Open microprocessor systems initiative;
- High performance computing and networking;
- Integration in manufacturing;
- Technologies for business processes;
- Information dissemination and technology transfer;
- General information technologies;
- IT market analyses and exploitation methodology.

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