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Call for proposals for demonstration of integrated quality targeted projects related to the JOULE/THERMIE programme

The European Commission, DG XVII, has published a call for proposals for the demonstration of Integrated Quality Targeted Projects related to the specific RTD programme in the field of non-nuclear energies (THERMIE).

The Commission of the European Communities, in particular the Directorate-General for Energy (DG XVII), has placed a special emphasis on Integrated Quality Targeted Projects and is planning to support these actions in the following sectors:

- Rational Use of Energy (RUE) for the sectors:
. Buildings and integration of renewable energies in buildings;
. Transport and urban infrastructures.

An Integrated Quality Targeted Project on energy technologies is a major European collaborative project that includes different partners from at least three Member States or a combination of Member States and Associated States. It is designed to have a significant impact on the energy and environment situation in the EU at a demonstrative level. This is to be achieved through the demonstration of specific high-quality energy technologies.

The present call for proposals covers the following priority areas:

- 1. RUE in buildings and integration of renewable energies in buildings:

Proposals must lead to substantial reductions in the energy consumption and environmental impact, including pollutant emissions, in buildings, at a city neighbourhood or block scale. Proposals should refer to new or refurbished buildings integrated in urban schemes that will be undertaken according to sustainable and comprehensive energy and environmental urban plans which should take into consideration the improvement of the quality of current best practices.

This must be achieved using innovative technologies, combined with urban energy planning, management techniques and improved standards. Economic and social aspects must also be addressed within the framework of a cost-effective integrated approach for all energy requirements. Proposals could concern the residential and/or the tertiary sector.

Proposals should develop each of the following items:

. A1- optimized envelope materials and components;
. A2- integrated load management for heating, cooling and electricity consumption;
. A3- optimized electric and HVAC equipment integrating natural lighting;
. A4- appropriate integration of renewable energy sources, in particular, solar energy applications through active and/or passive systems;
. A5- upgraded energy standards and innovative building codes for energy reduction at competitive costs;

- 2. RUE in transport and urban infrastructure:

Proposals must lead to a substantial technical and economic improvement in the overall energy efficiency of urban or peri-urban transport systems.

This must be achieved using innovative technologies integrated into coherent measures to better manage urban mobility of people and/or goods, with a special emphasis on reductions in environmental pollution, including noise reduction.

Proposals must be related to the improvement of the quality of the current best practices on urban transport systems and should develop each of the following items:

. A1- innovative technologies for more efficient vehicles;
. A2- innovative technologies to promote the use of cleaner fuels (including advanced hybrid systems, biofuels, CNG, etc.);
. A3- innovative systems and equipment to optimize the use of urban transport infrastructure, including telematics for traffic management;
. A4- integration in city planning schemes and provision of infrastructure.

A brochure giving detailed information on this call for proposals, including the terms of reference, is available on request from the Commission services.

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