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Environment and Climate programme - call for proposals for advanced study courses and research training grants

The European Commission, DG XII, has published a call for proposals for advanced study courses and research training grants under its specific programme for research and technological development in the field of environment and climate (1994-1998).

Proposals are invited for advanced study courses and research training grants in the following areas:

- Theme A: research into the natural environment, environmental quality and global change;
- Theme B: environmental technologies;
- Theme C: space techniques applied to environmental monitoring and research (research training grants only);
- Theme D: human dimensions of environmental change.

The research and technological development work will be carried out as preparatory accompanying and support measures in accordance with the implementing rules set out in Annex III to the Council Decision adopting the above-mentioned specific programme.

With regard to advanced study courses, the European Commission intends to support advanced study courses for young scientists and graduate students. The specific topics of the courses must fall into one of the following disciplines, which are those of main interest to the Environment and Climate Programme:

- High resolution reconstruction of holocene climate;
- European water resources;
- Sea level change;
- Biogeochemical cycles of nutrients and contaminants at the land-ocean interface;
- Atmospheric chemistry and stratospheric ozone;
- Soil remediation;
- Natural risks: floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and forest fires;
- Human dimension of environmental change.

The main objectives of the courses are:

- To further advanced education on specific topics at the forefront of scientific and technological development in Europe;
- To exploit the wide-ranging teaching capacities of European institutions for transnational education;
- To improve communication between students and scientists on a European level.

The courses can, but do not need to, be linked to environment- and climate-funded research projects. The course should be residential, of a duration of 1-3 weeks. The course organizer should be a scientist who is an expert in the topic of the training course. The speakers should be established scientists with an excellent reputation in their specific field. Proposals which do not include speakers from at least three Member States of the EU or a state associated to the programme will not be considered.

The main objective of the Environment and Climate individual research training grants is to provide opportunities for the advanced training, exchange, and mobility of researchers at the doctoral and post-doctoral level in science and technology relating to the environment and climate. The research topics of the training grant applications are those included in the Environment and Climate (1994-1998) Work Programme.

Applicants must be nationals of a Member State of the EU or a state associated to the programme, including EEA/EFTA states. Applicants must carry out the proposed research in either an EU Member State or in an associated state other than their country of nationality or their country of normal activity. It will be an advantage to submit applications related to the research tasks of the Environment and Climate programme.

The work programme, the information package concerning the procedures to be followed for the submission of proposals and a copy of the model contract to be drawn up for the proposals accepted are available from the Commission on request. A description of work carried out under previous related programmes will also be provided on request.

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