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Call for proposals for RTD activities, including demonstration, in the field of standards, measurement and testing

The European Commission, DG XII, has published a call for proposals for research and technological development (RTD) activities, including demonstration, under its specific RTD programme in the field of standards, measurement and testing (SMT).

Organizations eligible to participate in this programme are invited to submit proposals for RTD actions in the following areas:

- Theme I: measurements for quality European products, including written standards for industry;
- Theme II: research related to written standards and technical support to trade;
- Theme III: measurements related to the needs of society.

The present call for proposals is restricted to RTD subjects identified by the Commission as necessary for the support of the development or implementation of Community policy, including European standardization. These are as follows:

- Subjects related to the standardization activities of CENELEC:
. Critical aspects of ultrasonic safety of medical ultrasonic devices and equipment for treatment of patients;
. Electrotechnical characteristics of advanced technical ceramics and their measurement;
. Simulation testing of components of the rolling stock of European high-speed trains;
. Definition and comparative testing of the specific lead metal and lead alloys to be used in electrical batteries (reference material);
. Measurements and tests for development and evaluation of new types of electrical batteries;
. Reproducibility measurement methods to verify safety characteristics and performance in the field of non-conventional production of electricity (solar, wind);
. Determination of the lifetime behaviour of electrical products in power installations (cables, switches, transformer, coils, etc.);
. Methods applied for the characterization of optical fibre amplifiers (non-linear parameters);
. Measurement of method of peak transient-voltage created by low-voltage protective devices;
. Arcing fault testing in switchboards for low-voltage equipment;
. Testing of equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres;
. "Transformation of 'analogue' testing procedures into 'digitalized' in high-voltage equipment";
. Testing of high-voltage equipment using digital techniques;
. Development and calibration of a transportable EMC measurement system;
. Development of efficient substitution EMC method for direct radiation emission and related immunity testing;
. Evaluation and measurement of radio interference due to EM radiation in the vicinity of HF insulators;
. Refining of existing EMC testing standards to guarantee their reproducibility in the assessment of radio disturbances. Organization of a calibration round;
. Development of new measurement methods of the EMC characteristics in smaller relatively inexpensive fully anechoic rooms;
. "Revision of EMC standards for electronic goods due to changes in the environment created by the 'electronic society'";
. Measurements and tests in the field of the electrical vehicle to assess the behaviour of basic components when used in the vicinity of or on board electric vehicles;

- Subjects related to the standardization activities of CEN:
. Development and testing of software for the measurement and evaluation of ride comfort for passengers;
. Soil improvers and growing media - validation of a method to determine the quantity (volume) of the product;
. Determination of the resistance to rapid crack propagation of thermoplastic pipes for the conveyance of gases and liquids;
. Field tests for wood preservatives out of ground contact in conjunction with methods for preconditioning test specimens prior to test;
. Development of reference material and characterizing equipment for magnetic strips on thin flexible cards for EN 753;
. Selection and harmonization of shock absorption test methods for all types of sports surfaces;
. Comparison of exchange protocols and formats for exchange between traffic information and control centres;
. Validation of test methods for a range of residential solid-fuel-burning appliances;
. Wheelchairs: stair-traversing devices and tie-down and occupant-restraint systems for motor vehicles;

- Methods development in support of Community policy:
. Evaluation of dairy product quality taking into account within-lot-variation (EEC Reg. No 625/78/CEE);
. Validation of analytical methods for analysis of spirit drinks;
. Validation of methods for the determination of lead in drinking water;
. The derivation from toxicological data of acceptable levels for exposure to plant-protection products;

For each of the above subjects a document has been produced detailing the objectives to be met. This must be requested, together with the programme information package, before attempting to develop a proposal. Proposals for research objectives other than those listed above will not be accepted.

The work programme, the information package containing the procedures to be followed for the submission of proposals and the model contract to be established for those proposals having been approved are available from the Commission upon request. The description of work undertaken in previous related programmes will also be provided upon request.

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